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What Exactly Is This?

  • On May 22, 2009 I will turn 30. Yikes. I created this blog as a way to recognize 365 people who have been along for the ride. Each day, using a random number generator, I'll write about one person from my list. Thanks for reading.

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I wish I could see her too. Come baaaaaack, Meckenzie!

L,M (or Miss JoAnn)

Sandy Bopleman

And she's a total babe-fest.

California is uh...nice. We wish we were back on the best coast too.

Your new pup is adorable. Is charmer jealous?


I was shaking my head the entire time 'sandy' was writing that last comment. Just to clarify.

You wrote about me! I thought I would be on the list and then as time drew a little closer to the 30th I thought maybe I would be bumped for the new edition that wasn't scheduled to arrive until after (?) your birthday?!? :-) Yeah for our friendship!! I love all of our memories too. Although I won't go into detail now that you're not knocked up. You're a MOMMY!! I can't wait to meet CK and squeeze him and hug him and love him (and, of course, pet Charmer too)!! Thanks for writing about me. If I had a blog I would write about you too. (And my Halloween pumpkin I still can't throw out and the mannequins in stores out here that have boob jobs. No joke. So weird. Sigh.)


Gotta love Meckenzie!!! And, I agree...she is a total babe-fest. Don't worry Laura, I still read this blog also. I miss you girls!

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