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Ana Maria  Magloire

LOL!!! I didn't catch it this season, but I had so much fun reading your comments, I sure will watch the next one :)

Oh and...



To my birthday girl...

May 22, 1979 was the BEST day of my life....thanks for being a dream daughter in every way.

Love, MOM


Hey! Happy Birthday! I knew that it was going to be Tessa last night because they were trying so hard to make us think it was Bevin. I just want to know what Tessa thinks about him after watching the show!

Stephanie Howell

oh my goodness, you have the sweetest mama.
and happy bday !
blandy and tessa 4eva


oh he just loves them all.

happy bday! woohoo. let's par-tay!

Hillary Heidelberg

go tessa! he's an all inclusive lover, clearly. Happy birthday.


we don't get the bachelor here in australia, but the fact that he chose tessa made it to E! news, which we do get...
long story long...
when that little snippet of news came on yest, i said, "wow!! laura's horse won!!"


tee hee! I was so happy too! :o)


Haven't caught up with you in a while so I'm late to discuss here. Glad I'm not the only bachelor watcher (I don't admit that often)...and the ending was perfect!

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