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Stephanie Howell

oooh, those are cute.
i love that you are tall and will wear heels.
i do too. =)
i hate that nutritional info crap.
i got something at McDonalds a while back...which is a huge treat b/c i never eat fast food...and on the box was the nutritional info.
i just covered my eyes and put my fingers in my ears and said "lalalalalal".
happy monday!
lub you!


I have these shoes in brown!! They are so comfortabe I wear them all of the time! My mom got them in black b/c I kept going on about how cute & comfy they are.

Good taste:)
Love your scrapping btw. Just love it.


doesn't everything containing sugar also contain zero fat?


I believe the manufactures add extra sugar to stuff to overcome the "low-no fat" in the product. I am afraid everything I love has sugar in it!

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