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Kasey Laughlin

I'm right there with ya on everything! :)


so, yeah, that doesn't get any better with more practice... I stupidly planned a trip to the park (with a picnic) followed directly by a trip to the library today and the prep nearly did me in. And I still forgot a bunch of stuff.


wait until you add sand to the mix...

Becky Trump

:) But Charlie still looks cute as ever in his trunks and swim top!!!


OMG....too adorable. I may have to get him some California boy swim attire!


Ummmm, today we went to the pool and I forgot a clean, dry outfit for the way home!!! Alex rode home in his diaper (but I draped a towel over him on the way to the car so all the other mommies wouldn't judge!) Hahahahahah.

Let's plan another pool date for after the 4th. I'll upload the photos I got on FB.

Blog update to come this weekend. PROMISE.


Ahhh, yes, those were the days. :)

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