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Love the Best of Charmer addition to the blog:)




I remember I LOVED the picture of how Charmer used to lay on your kitchen floor in your home in Oklahoma! Too many good ones to fit in a best of album!

jenn shurkus

oh laura.. i could comment on each and every photo you posted.. but that would be obnoxious, about as obnoxious as i am the crying fool right now...
i loved all these photos :) and look forward to looking at them over and over and over :)

thank you!


Awwwwwwwwwww... Roscoe and I thank you. :)


Hey sweets- I did a similar thing on fb with photos of sierra. i enjoyed these photos of chamer- thanks for sharing them with us.


Amber Lee D.

Great housekeeping! Going to go and take more pictures of my dog! Thanks!

Becky Trump

Love it! :)


those are awesome pics of your sweet dog!


Great pix. I was clicking through and was like, "Who's that puppy?" and then realized it's Camden. I don't believe that she was ever that small. Ha!

Also...there are some photos of you and Ken lookin' awfully young. :)

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