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that dude is LAME! I have been watching every week this time. so far I like: Roberto(I think he has a GREAT chance unless he really screws something up or one of the other guys steps up), Kurt and Chris L. I think she likes Frank too, but the dude looks a little too much like Gilbert Gottfried to me with his squinty eyes when he takes his glasses off. I think the other guys might slowly be voted off and hopefully the stalker/helicopter singing guy and the wrestler guy who reminds me a little too much of Wes from Jillian's season will be gone next week!

jennifer mcguire

roberto and chris l rock.

kirk is ok.

kasey - freak.

Kasey Laughlin

I agree with everyone...

Roberto and Chris L. are the top choices

Kirk is in the running

Kasey and the wrestler guy have got to go!
All of the singing and serenading is making me want to puke!

Jill E.

roberto and chris are my picks for final two. i love reading this blog every week, she's hilarious and might give you a few good benchmarks for a few of the guys. https://www.ihategreenbeans.com/

and yeah, that crazy kasey guy is a hot mess and i can only hope that it is the producers keeping him there and not her because if not she is scarier than i originally thought!

Steph H

Okay, here's the deal:

Kasey, a few sammiches shy of a picnic. Also, he said something like, "It's just my heart. Come on in and stay a while." And then I barfed.

Roberto, muy caliente. Except he is an insurance salesman, which tells me he's all hot on tv, but "after the final rose" he's going to go all state farm commercial on her.

Frank, got the metrosexual thick rimmed glasses thing going. Oh, and he's funny. I heard a rumor he makes it close to the end but then bails because he realizes he still loves his ex. I bet THAT gets bailed as the "most dramatic bachelorette EVER"

Kirk, from Wisconsin. Getting lots of talk around here about a hometown date. He's midwest nice. And nice to look at.

Chris L, has a mom who died and a sweet story. But if I were Ali I'd be afraid I would never live up to his image of his mother (He had her signature tattooed on his chest!!)

Justin, aka Rated R, aka The Wrestler, aka the guy on the crutches. He's sleezy. And the token Canadian. I can see him being picked to be the next Bachelor after Ali dumps his ass!

And then there are a few others you never really see on tv and will be gone in the next couple of weeks :)

You're all caught up now!


I am so glad you are getting caught up. I can't wait to wathch the finale with you just like old times (minus the Braum's Mix)!!! Miss ya!!


Do you mean: Who's cute? Who's crazy?


Nicely summed up by the others. I thought Chris L. was a good choice too, but I didn't know he had a tattoo of his Mom's signature on his chest! What is up with all the serenading and tattooing?


i really like chris l but frank is my fave. kind of geeky....reminds me of reid from jillian's season. i really liked him! kasey is nuts and justin is a sleez. roberto could be a bore. haven't picked my "horse" yet.

jenn shurkus

chris l cause he's from the cape *wink*
but wait.... if he isn't picked he'll come back to the cape with a broken heart...... hmmmm I can fix broken hearts *wink* *wink*


I always read Reality Steve's updates. He's spoiled practically the whole season. Very snarky.


I honestly think the producers need to be fired if this is what they could come up with for Ali. My bet is that she doesn't pick any of them.

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