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Friendships with other women are the sustenance of our lives. I cannot even imagine my life without the friendships I have had along the way.



I haven't met Stephanie in person but I have to say, you two are about the least awkward people I know ; )


Love both your blogs and so glad to see you together. I also grew up tall, awkward and without a flat iron. I'm still tall, sometimes awkward, but I have my flat iron!

MIchelle L

haha! I'm not on the east coast but I could use that support group!

laura g.

i would have liked to have been with you two and clara and charlie and stephanie's 8000 kids! it sounded like a party!

Erica Thomas

I could be Treasurer of that group! I was so tall and oh so skinny.


can become a member of said group as well? :)



Lisa A

Where do I sign up? I need to join the group please. Tall, awkward, no flat iron right here! My friends that I've made online through scrapbooking, I think they are my most cherished!


Ha ha - I'm a starter too (way over here in NZ). Still tall, still awkward and have given up on the GHD's or flat irons as you guys call them. What a small world huh, have been reading both your blogs for years and there you both are together! Fantastic!


how lucky that you and Stephanie can be friends, she is such a sweetie, I love her blog and her honesty and what a great mom she is, just like you...you two are meant to be friends, what lovely photos of Charlie, Sadie and Harper, so cute!!


What about for those who grew up short and awkward with their hair perpetually up in pink sponge rollers?!?

Stephanie Howell

bahahaha LOVE you. love that poem,love this post.xoxo

Steph H

Oh how I love you two. And while I am not tall compared to you two, I definitely could have used a flat iron in my life. It might have steered me away from that terrible perm I got circa 1992.


still jealous i didn't stash myself in their car to come up and see you.
also, can i just be your guys short but still incredibly awkward sidekick?!?!?!?

Becky Trump

Such a great post, Laura :) Love those photos!!!


Exceptions for short, awkward, and no flatirons? What if the show you the teddy bear sweater I once wore? ha! beautiful post. thinking of you and your mom these days.


Awww! How awesome!

i met Steph at Studio Calico, but then we met and hung out a bunch when we realized we only lived 90 minutes apart. :-p I also grew up tall and awkward. LOL. As for the flat-iron thing... my hair has always been a rat's nest, so that's why I keep it super short now. Not sure I even *knew* about flat irons back in the day. Heck, I *still* have no idea what they do... LOL. :-p

*naive and clueless*

p.s. And you and I met through email... because I thought your 365 people before 30 thing was just the coolest thing ever. :-)

Vanessa M. Santamaria

Love this post!! I am a huge fan of Stephanie's and read her blog every day. Love how you both are honest, real and so inspiring!! Lol about the 8,000 kids!!! Ha!

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je ne peux pas d'accord avec vous, pas plus! je vous remercie pour votre partage!


ACK! Head spinning! Worlds Colliding! Two of my favorite bloggers together in one post! Must ... get... some ... air! Don't know if I can handle so much awesomeness in one place! I've met fellow Army Wife Stephanie, who lived down the street from me for a short time ... now I just have to meet Laura so I can move out of the "friends I've never met" category! HA!

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real and so inspiring!! Lol about the 8,000 kids!!! Ha!

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Love how you both are honest, real and so inspiring!! Lol about the 8,000 kids!!! Ha!

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i met Steph at Studio Calico, but then we met and hung out a bunch when we realized we only lived 90 minutes apart. :-p I also grew up tall and awkward.


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