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Kimberly L.C.

This is awesome. I hope if I can ever have a baby, my child's album will be similar... pieces and photos from a beautiful life. Thank you for sharing.

kelly purkey

This brought me to tears. You are so talented and these pages are so fabulous. I love all you have here, friend.


Really amazing. I'm always inspired by your wonderful pages.


This is beautiful, Laura.
So very cool!


Thank you for sharing. Charlie is a lucky boy to have all his memories recorded like this!!


OH, I JUST LOVE YOUR STYLE!!! (; So graphic & simple (says a graphic Designer!) (((;


Thank you for sharing! When I saw your post on Instagram I so wanted to flip through those albums.



Love, MOM


Love seeing it from the very beginning. The mix of everything is perfect; not too fussy with just the right amount of tidy. It's fantastic!


I really enjoy how you so simply yet beautifully you pull scrapbooks together. You are inspiring me to do the same. Thank you for sharing.

christi in ma

Yay! Love this peek through Charlie's albums.

Michelle L

You can post your scrapbook albums on here all day long! I miss seeing your stuff at SC every month so this was a nice treat! =)


I love that you tackled the 'perfectly imperfectly complete'!!!!!! way to go!!!

Michele H.

this is simply fantastic laura! this is not just a scrapbook...but a wonderful life book. serious inspiration:)

Melinda T

Love it! Thanks for sharing! I have two kids, (6 and 2) and their baby albums are no where near done!

Valerie Rodriguez

SOOooo precious!!!


Laura, I just LOVE your scrapbooks! Can you post the whole thing? LOL just kidding (not really...) :) Serious inspiration for my baby books!!

Donna M

Love Charlie's albums:) Thanks for sharing.


LOVE this!!! I'm so super jealous too. *sigh* I have barely printed any photos of Hattie. I did buy an album for her though... and paper! ;-) BUT.... I can't really be labeled as "bad scrapbooking mom" because I *have* journaled every day since she was born. ;-) (Okay, i missed a few days last month when first-trimester-nausea was kicking my butt. LOL. :-p )

Also, where do you print the photos and what program do you use? I know that's my hold-up. I really just need to print at home again, I think. Or just spend a day putting them in PhotoShop and send them to Shutterfly. *sigh* See, this certainly is my hold-up. I need a system. And I want something that will work well for me. *sigh*


Wonderful Job,I would love to sit and look thru their books,wonderful keepsake..do they enjoy their little books? :)


Wait…youre pregnant?!? This is why you need to blog, woman! Ha! Tell me more!

I dont print anything at home - I never have - I just like the quality of having things printed at a lab. Every 2-3 months I make a develop folder on my desktop and I drag photos from iPhoto into that folder, then I process them in Photoshop (this can take me a few days depending on how photo-heavy a month was!) Then I send them to Persnickety Prints to be printed…

And dont be too hard on yourself about not scrapbooking. I think its great that you journal every day - you are doing something to remember these days, and thats what matters. Really. Just that your doing SOMETHING. :)


alexandra sirugue-macleod

What a beautiful gift for your children indeed!
Thank You for sharing!!


for seriously.
so inspiring.


love this
i want to see Clara's
my little one is turning 1 this week
and i haven't started yet

Becky Trump

This is fantastic and SSOOOO GORGEOUS! I love all the memorabilia :)
Thanks for sharing!!!

Meghan Dymock

So that page with Charlie's footprints has always been one of my favorite pages, ever. I love all these pages, please show us more! Super inspiring!


this is awesome! It's a bit project life-y with regular pages mixed in. Such a great idea! I may have to steal it ;)

laura g.

it is just wonderful!!! not it is not 'picture perfect' but it is done, and it is wonderful!! now...where do you want my picture sent??? lol


This is amazing! I have done nothing like this for any of my kids (4), and the thought of starting is so overwhelming, I do nothing. Bad me! Happy for to have it done!! Now, off to find the pixie dust!


this makes me feel guilty...so cool.


Lovely! I come by from time to time to take a peak & I love your work. Just today I meant to get more serious about our children's albums and guess what ... landed here! You gave me inspriration and help on my decision on so many "how to's".... Thank you so much, Laura and keep on going!
Kind regards from Germany,


love every bit!

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