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Yay! for house guests. Someday, I will be your house guest.


I hate all ikat stuff. EXCEPT FOR THAT PILLOW. Whatever you did in that room, you're right not to let anybody touch it. Maybe make Maria sign a pledge and also shower before entering that room. Every time. At least gloves. I don't know who she is but all I can do is hope she is pillow worthy.

P.S. I think about your mom and you too, even though I don't know you guys. It's so hard. Sending you good thoughts and a prayer here and there.

Becky Trump

LOVE the sneak peeks!!! Can't wait to see more and especially Maria's photos - as she takes such amazing photos of your gorgeous family :)


I'm so impressed. Love everything.

And an hour at night to scrapbook. I could totally do that! You know I haven't scrapped ONE photo of Hattie? And she's almost 15 months old! GAH! At this point though, I'm actually scared I'll mess up product or photos. Hate that feeling. :-(

Some day... :-)

Steph H

cannot wait to see Maria's images.
Love your little family.

laurie lariviere

your house looks great, can't wait to see your pages, congrats on the jobs!

Melinda T

Great job decorating, can't wait to see more! I was thinking the same thing this morning, how in the span of a year, so much has changed...and not for the better! :( Hoping things will turn around, for all of us struggling! Take care and hugs!
PS-I read your blog in google reader, but I had to hop over to your blog to see if I was missing some posts and noticed that your mom has her own blog. I'm just a stranger, but a concerned one! Keeping you all in my prayers!


Question .... Where did you get the bed side table in the guest room?

Also, when I am cleaning the house for company, as I clean each room (especially the bathrooms), I put a sticky on the door and write in big letters "NO". This lets the other people in the house know that they are not to enter that room under any circumstances until the guest has arrived. This usually includes the powder room downstairs, the guest bedroom, the guest bathroom and sometimes even the living room.

Sending extra prayers for your Mom today. And hugs for you.


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