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Now you can't give us this story without telling us what you're doing. : )


I agree with E... Do tell.


Congratulations with your new job! I am very familiar with the thing you wrote about your children not telling you what great job you are doing. Because you sure are. My own children mostly tell me when I am not doing a good job in their eyes, for example forcing on wool sweaters when it is cold outside etc. When days are rough after 100 of quarrels like this, it is like poetry to my soul to see your photos and scrapbook-art. I love them so much. You really can't believe that they actually sooth my stressed mind (I work full time too). You are so good to catch that special feeling in your work. As I understood from a previous post on this blog, you are a friend of Brooke Starnes. The work she displayed on two peas when she was a garden girl also gave me this feeling. So thank you both for bringing some more beauty and calm into my life. I hope you are all doing good. Thank you!


i need more details.
also, i love charlie.
like, a LOT.


please share...I'm thinking of you - and motherhood is the most rewarding job ever even if they don't tell us so. Your doing so well at it, I'm sure of it!


I love my kids and I love working too. Glad you found a balance!!! Love the video. xoxo


This made me SMILE!

Shanita K.

Congrats to you!


No need for you to work.
Charlie is going to be the next David Beckham.


You are the BEST mother - the things you and Ken do with and for "my" babies is astounding. I love to watch you in action and wish I had half of your energy and initiative. Just seeing how you attacked Charlie's speech delay was awesome.

Love to the best daughter ever

laura g.

what a cute post! you are awesome! i am smiling now, you made my day!!


Bless his little heart. hahaha.
Was thinking of you today. I hope the dry clean bill isn't too high.
I think this is the perfect job for you so I'm totally excited for you!
Was thinking of you today. xoxo


i REALLY miss seeing your layouts. it was so great to see all your cute tags. i am inspired. congrats on the new job!


First, treasure those beautiful videos. They are so priceless. Charlie will get a kick out of watching them when he's 14! Second, it's been so long since I've heard those words ... "You did a good job". I miss them. I am currently unemployed (while my husband is deployed), but the last full time job I had didn't include those words ... the boss lady did not believe in praising her employees. Ever. It was a really good job that I enjoyed and paid really well, but there was still something missing and I always knew exactly what it was. When I start the interview process again at the next duty station, I have nothing to lose this time. I fully intent to figure out a way to "interview" the person who is interviewing me to find out what kind of environment he/she is hoping for in the work place and what kinds of things does he/she do to promote that kind of environment. GOOD LUCK on your new job!!! Can't wait for the details!

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