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I love the letter to your 15 your old self and could write a similar one to myself! Had to post a hello since I am also a Kirk! I've been following you and commenting off and on since my Two Peas days and I grew up as Sara Kirk. :) Who knows, we might even be related! Happy reunion to you and blessings to your mama.


I love the way you write!! Your hair never fails to look gorgeous!!

Happy your Mom is home.


love this post, laura. you're a great writer - and of course - a fabulous scrapper. really miss you in the dt gallery over at sc. but i'm hanging around here...thanks for a great post:)



you are amazing, lady.
i love you.


Treasure this. You don't know how lucky you are to still call these people friends. It is truly a gift. And if we'd all only bought Apple stock back in the day ...

Prayers to you and your Mom.


Miss you!
(p.s. My reunion was two weeks ago. Skipped it obviously.)

laurie lariviere

what a lovely post Laura, seeing that high school photo of yours, Charlie looks just like his pretty mama :)

Melinda T

Great post and I love that Brad Paisley song! :)

Becky Trump

All of them so very true and should be in a book or song :)




reunited. what a great sentiment. so wonderful to see you. thinking of you often.


It was so great to see you, Laura. (And I love seeing your yearbook page again.)


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