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Good Morning from your reader in Zurich - I love this post. What a joy to read of Charlie's progress. Good things come to those who wait, yes?

And the photo with the doggy is darling. Thanks for sharing.


Go Charlie! :)


kindergartners and first graders can struggle with sitting still during circle time, too! Go Charlie!

PS. Harper struggles through sitting still at dinner time, and she's 7.


My goodness Charlie! That is one awesome report card! And Momma must just love all the details the teacher has included! Have fun doggie sitting!


Charlie is one awesome dude :)


Trouble at circle time is the most normal kid problem on the planet. Congratulations! :) Even 4th and 5th graders only have a 10 minute attention span before you have to change things up. He'd fit in perfectly! xoxo I hope you are doing well, mama!


way to go, charlie! :)

Anne Spinelli

LOVE the update. So happy for him and you!!!


That picture melts my heart. And wow is that a long stick - or some new kind of leash.


That is AWESOME progress, Laura, and that report card is very well written! How blessed y'all are by that as well. Just wait for his report in May. I know it will be night and day from this one! :)

Claire T

Laura, I loved this post. So exciting to see Charlie's progress and I especially love the friendship he has formed. As a former primary school teacher I can assure you there are seven year olds that struggle to sit during circle time!

Becky Trump

I LOVE that photo!!! A little boy and a dog. So sweet :)

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