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I looked at your Pinterest boards yesterday and decided I should just do my gift shopping from them. You find THE BEST things!!

Wishing, praying and crossing everything for your Mom. Hugs.

Shanita K.

Thanks for sharing all this goodness. Still praying for your mom.

Kasey L

Thanks for sharing...thinking of you and your mom xoxo

deb pereira

Thanks laura, so enjoy your blog. Sending prayers to your mother.


thinking about you and your mom. lots of positive thoughts! :) *

Belinda Langner

Oh so many fun goodies - I've been looking for Xmas gifts so thanks for sharing! And glad that your mom is ok! Wishing you all the best!


I've been reading your blog since the Charmer days (my fave was when she took over the blog while you were in France). I've loved watching your family grow and have also followed your mom's blog and my prayers are with her. I hope that she is well soon so she can go back to being a cook, reader, grandma and most of all, cancer survivor. Happy holidays to all of you.

Becky Trump

I love LOVE those photos at the bottom :)


I have that exact necklace from Nest Pretty!

And a friend just sent me a necklace from Urban Legend.

We're jewelry twins.


You might like this place. I spend WAY too much money there every time I go home. http://www.levillagemarche.com/Home.jsp?refresh=true


Thanks for the fun coupon codes ... unfortunately can't get the one at Nest Pretty Things to work ... just says it's invalid.


Oops .. just realized it likely meant last Monday ... oh well, too slow on the blog reading ... adding to my favorites though ... great shops.

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What do you or your friends do to celebrate Christmas in your own special way?

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