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Jamie Long

I hope you find that bright spot, and happy thanksgiving. joshnwillsma@gmail.com

Sarah W

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Saying a little prayer for your Mom for a speedy recovery.


Lots of good thoughts and prayers for all of you.


That is so kind of you Laura, I follow your blog and love checking for updates. I'm so sorry to hear about your Mum and will be thinking of you all.

Thanks for the chance of getting a box.

Louise x

Tracy Rizzo

I hope your Mom feels better. Happy Thanksgiving!

Laci M.

I pray all good things for your mom. We just lost a brother a month ago so this will be a hard holiday. It always does help lift your spirits when you do things for others. Thanks for the giveaway.
Alaska_laci @ SC


your mother is always in my thoughts and prayers. big hugs!

Jamie d

Thank you so much for the chance to win! Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy thanksgiving!! So nice of you <3

Sabrina L

Hope your mom will be back soon. Thinking about you! Thanks for the awesome giveaway.


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Hoping your mom will be home very soon!


Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hope that your mom comes home soon!


I love SC stuff!! Thanks for the chance to win. Am so happy you got on the Basic Grey Bandwagon. I missed your scrapbooking terribly, but love reading your blog :)

Hope your mom is doing well. Sending you strength...

Olivia L.

Praying for you and your family, especially your Mom. I have found through the years that giving gratitude can make the darkest days feel bright again. You are a sweet spirit. Thank you.


Thoughts and prayers for your Mom. Thanks for the giveaway!


Wishing your mom good health. Hugs to you Laura!


Sending happy thoughts and wishes to you and your family. :D


Happy Thanksgiving. How generous of you. Will be praying for your mom too.


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving and healing to your mom.


So sorry to hear about your mum :( This is a kind thought. Thanks x

Jenny Dziekan

As a Momma with a momma suffering this Thanksgiving, I appreciate your generosity. Best of luck to our Mom.


I really hope your mom is better soon and that you are able to enjoy thanksgiving.

Kimberly L.C.

I'm praying for your mom. Don't enter me in the contest, just know I'm praying for her.


Happy Thanksgiving, Laura! Wishing your mom a year of health in the coming year!


oh me oh my. your to sweet to offer!!


Prayers for your Mother and warm hugs to you!

susan lew

Hope your mom gets well soon.


Sending get well wishes for your Mum, hope you're having a good Thanksgiving :)


I hope your mom is feeling better soon and that you have a great Thanksgiving!!

kelly b

So sorry to hear about your Mom. Prayers for healing will be sent up. Thank you for the sweet gesture! Happy Thanksgiving!

Toni from

This is so generous of you, I would love to be considered. Prayers for your mom and family.


Moms are such an integral part of our lives - from birth and even after they choose to leave. From my mom I learnt not to take things at face value. Hope yours get well soon.
Thank you for giving away some of your scrapping goodies. I would love to win a box!

Belinda Langner

Happy Thanksgiving! :) Wishing your family the best during this time - can't even begin to imaging what it's like for you right now.

Elizabeth B

Always love your blog. What a treat it would be to win one of these boxes!

Jenny G.

Prayers for a short hospital stay or your
Mom. Wishing you and your Family a Great Thanksgiving.


Hope your Mom gets home soon! Thanks for a chance to win!

Shirley Dawson

Stay. Strong.
Be. Calm.
And remember to breathe.
It is really important to remember to breathe (ha)
Hope your thanksgiving is blessed.


Would love to get my hands on some "vintage" studio calico stamps
:) Happy Thanksgiving!


Oh wow! Thank u for the opportunity. :)

Joanne (originalblondi)

I hope your Mum is home soon. Thank you for the chance to win some goodies :)


Prayers for your mom & family, hope she is feeling better soon!! Happy Thanksgiving!!


happy thanksgiving, laura:)


Mary Jo

So sorry to hear your mom is back in the hospital. Keeping all of you in my prayers and wishing you a peaceful, happy Thanksgiving.


Hope your mom gets well soon.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Sarah Webb

All the best to you and yours! Thanks so much for the chance!


How sweet of you to think of others in such a scary time - I really hope and pray that your mom will be fine! :-)

Cat L.

Hope your Mom is up and running soon! Thanks for the chance to win!

Natalie (QSOgirl)

My heart goes out to you and your mom. I hope that she's able to come home soon!!

I saw your lovely page on the BasicGrey blog today!


My heartfelt prayers of healing for your mom. So thoughtful and generous of you to send out scrappy packages in the midst of a family storm. (BTW-Please don't enter me to win one,just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you and your family during this difficult journey you are on).
Take care you.

Misty K in Ohio

What great generous gift!!


Happy turkey day!

amy christine

such a nice thing to do! thanks for the opportunity.
i'll be hoping for the best outcomes for your mom!


I really should do this too .... put together boxes of cool supplies to give away. Oh wait, I don't have a blog. Never mind. I absolutely don't need to win a thing, but I am thinking of you and your Mom.


Prayers for you and your momma. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

Jen Fay

Hope your Mom gets better! If I win some scrapbooking supplies I hope that it gives me the push I need to start scrapbooking regularly...I have a ton a ideas and pics I just need motivation!

Angie Ulseth

Prayers to you and your mom. Thank you for sharing "real life" on your blog.


I hope your mom is released soon.
Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for the opportunity to win some of your scrapbook stash.

Julie, momto7

My mother is a cancer survivor...praying the same amazing outcome for your mom! Thanks for the giveaway. I live near Baltimore, MD - your package wouldn't have to travel far to get to me. :)

Kim N

What a generous giveaway! I so hope your mom feels better soon! Happy Thanksgiving!

Ellie A.

Please know that my prayers are with you & your mom. BIG Hugs to you as well!

Deb Lucero

Praying for an excellent healing for your mom. When my mom was sick in the hospital, I was so scared I could barely think straight.


Please don't pick me, as I have enough to supply an army. Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of your Mom and saying a prayer for her. Hope she's home and healthy soon. xo


i'm sorry about your mother. thanks for the chance to win a box though and happy thanksgiving.


Thanks so much for a generous giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

cards by cara

Hugs to your mother and a happy Thanksgiving to you all. What a generous giveaway - thanks so much!

melinda t

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Praying for her and hoping for a quick stay.

Amy Wheeler

Sorry to hear about your mother. Hope it is a short stay. So nice of you to share your scrap goodness. ;)


Hope tour mom gets well soon.


Prayers for your Mom!! Hope she is on the mien very quickly!
Your are beyond awesome for sharing these!!!


On the mend!

Amy Ferguson

So sweet and thoughtful for you to give in your time of stress. Happy Thanksgiving!


Sorry to hear about your mum, sending her lots of positive thoughts.
You are so generous to offer this, thanks you.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Valerie O.

You are so generous! I need to fill some boxes too.
Said a prayer for your mom. Hope she improves and her stay is short.

Shanita K.

So sorry your mom is in the hospital. Prayers for her and your family. Incredibly generous of you to offer a giveaway now.


I am sorry to hear about your mom :(. I hope she is home soon.

Stephanie Gruss

That is very generous of you! Hope your mom will be back home soon!


I hope your mother is feeling better and back home in no time. And I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, all things considered.
Thanks for the offer to win some fun goodies.


Thinking of your mom and hoping she is better soon. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Kirsty Riach

My mum is due to go into hospital after Christmas so can't sympathise with you. Hoping your mum makes a speedy recovery and thinking of you all xx

Sara Worth

Happy Thanksgiving and I hope your mom will be well soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

Suzan Tiemroth-Zavala

Thank you for the chance. I hope your mom gets home soon!


prayers for your mom...and thanks for the chance to win!

Alicia Flick

Prayers for your mom! I hope she will get to go home soon! {{Hugs}}
Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sending prayers for your mother. Thank you for sharing all of these wonderful scrappy goodies with us!


You are so sweet! Happy Thanksgiving! Prayers for your mom!


Prayers for your Mom. Happy Thanksgiving!1


Sending positive thoughts your way for your mom.

Thank you for having such a generous giveaway. Thanks!


Praying hard for your mom! I hope she gets better very very soon!


So Sorry to hear about your mom, I'll be praying for her.


Good luck to your mom. Hope you are having some peaceful time during this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving.

leslie o.

Prayers to your mom and family.

Suzelle Kasaian

How FUN !!!!! Prayers for your mama...

Jennie M

Hoping your mom is better soon. Thanks so much for giving... :)

Sandy Ang

Happy Thanksgiving ! It's such a generous giveaway


Sorry to hear about your Mom. Hope that it all works out well..

Beth Ann

You are truly one of the sweetest SCers ever. Sending you many prayers and hugs. Thanks!


So generous of you! And I hope your mom gets better soon! Hugs!


that is so thoughtful! sending well wishes to you and your family!

Briana N.

Thinking of you and your family! Wishing you happiness this holiday season!

christi in ma

Sending your mom and your whole family lots of prayers and hope. Happy Thanksgiving.

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