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THANK GOODNESS! I can't wait to see your work back in the gallery each month. I have missed it!

rhonda nickol

I am beyond thrilled to see you back Laura! Congrats!


So exciting!!!! Congrats! I'm doing project life again too...love it!!


I saw that and yelled out "Yay!!!"
I have missed your creations scrap buddy :)


...and this made me so happy. :)

michele h.

Yay! So happy to see you back!

Question for you...will you be using a 12x12album for your project life? I know you typically create in 8.5x11. That's my preferred layout size but I'm so interested in PL. Curious to see how you approach it:)

Stephanie Baxter

Seeing your name up there made me smile :)


Happy happy joy joy! Such awesome news. Time to get over my childish little grudge I've been holding against SC for not having you on their team. You can laugh at me for it, but it's true. Guess I can let it go now. Will you be sticking to making only PL or will we be seeing the occasional layout as well?


I started subscribing to SC because of your wonderful LOs just when you "left". I´m doing PL for the first time in 2013 and I´ll be getting the SC kit. Having you "holding my hand" will be great!


SO SO H*A*P*P*Y!!! Looking very forward to this!



Jenny A

I was most excited about seeing your name on the list!!!!

kristy taylor

i had to look twice to make sure that WAS your picture in that grouping.. i was SO excited to see you are on the PL team.. i can't WAIT to see what you do with this! :)

Laura ODonnell


Nita K.

Yea! So very happy to see this news!

kathleen p.

SO darn psyched over the news!!!!!! You've been missed dearly!!!!!!

heathyr hintz

this makes me very, very happy laura. PL + Laura Kurz seem like they are going to make perfect sense. I was so thrilled when you mentioned a little while back when you were considering trying PL. I cannot WAIT, literally, CANNOT WAIT, to see how you approach this. I love your simple style- it's so very inspiring, and it's something that I'm definitely going to work on achieving through my own PL album in 2013.

laurie lariviere

wow, congrats Laura! that is awesome, what a huge creative team with all three together...lots of inspiration :) can't wait to see what you do with PL :)


i'm absolutely thrilled to see you back at sc - and ESPECIALLY on the PL team! yay, squeal, hurrah!!! have a wonderful week-end:)

Lynne Gillis

This is SO AWESOME!!!! Can hardly wait to watch the year progress with you!!!



Rebecca Lovell



Very good news indeed!






Yay!!!! (From a lurker who has missed seeing you layouts!) :)

Donna M

Congratulations. Was so so pleased to see you on the list:)


Thrilled! Can't wait to see your creations...might I noire me to hop on the PL bandwagon.


congratulations--you deserve it--i admire your creativity


so happy to have you back! Do you do PL now and do you have anything to share with us on your blog??

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