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Steph H

I feel like I have been waiting YEARS for these house tour entries. Which might be a slight exaggeration, but you know, whatever :)

Steph H

and question: How many trees did you need to remove? And did they remove them after the house was up? Was there a reason for that? You know, just in case we ever build our own house :)

Michele H.

i love house tours and am looking forward to this series of posts:)

Heidi S.

It is nice to see the sunny yellow door (and some grass)!


interior designer mel loves this. :) also love that yellow door. :)


Such a lovely house and a lovely story. I believe every kitchen sink should have a window. I have one to the front and one to the side of the sink. How does the 'floating' (is that the correct term?) bench work for you? I'm adding that to my wishlist but have never lived with one.


Loved reading this!!

dana a.

your house is beautiful! love, love, love the porch:) i hope one day i will be able to design a house too!

emily (justem)

That last picture just makes me want to venture to you house, knock on that awesome yellow door, and come right in and make myself at home! ;)


It's so beautiful Laura! And the decisions you made - were wonderful!


It's lovely : ) I wish I could come visit you in it. My dream for home building is to build something from The Bungalow Company. Oh, how I love those plans...


its just beautiful. As is the yellow door!


i LOVE how you documented this!


so excited to see the whole thing, inside and out:) no pressure at all though - but HURRY UP!


Wow! How fun! My husband and I are considering building new construction and it seems like your process went so well! Interesting about building up vs building out. I have terrible knees (and I am only 29!) so we will have to build out; good to know though as it is something to consider.


And don't forget to mention Ken's masterful kitchen design! What a versatile guy


Becky Trump

So much fun!!! Your taste and interior designs are lovely and so you! I'm so glad we get a tour :) Thanks for sharing!


Oh, it's the sweetest house! So excited for this tour!


Love the little house in the big woods, Laura. Wow. I just put two and two together on that one.

Lisa Webb

wow...sooo different to our houses in Australia.. it is like a dream home to me. Well done and congrats on SC xxx

Irma P.

Congrats on your new house! We are just in the midst of building our own 'dream home'. This time around I made sure every room will be utilized - no 'formal' anything ;)


Your home is lovely! I can't get over it. It's beautiful. BTW, if I ever have to pick another floor plan (other than my room at the nursing home), it will be too soon. It's SO HARD, nearly on the same level as naming children.

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