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GORGEOUS-kids, house and especially gamma!!! Sending big hugs your way and hoping your Christmas was as magical as you shared!!!!


I love all of the photos but especially the ones with your Mom and the kids. SO cute. And Clara's dress = priceless. LOVE IT.


YAY! I love seeing real wrapping paper! Kids don't want kraft!
I also think we have the same little step stool. It's like we are twins.
XOXO - your Mom was with you for Christmas. love.

laurie lariviere

love them ,every one so precious, glad you had a nice holiday!!

Valerie Rodriguez

Your photos are awesome!! Thank you for sharing your holiday with us. Charlie is getting sooo big and Clara's pic that "sums up Christmas" awww melts my heart!!


Your kids are so cute - I die! Esp love Charlie's "How you doin'?" expression in the top photo.


Such precious photos! Love the kids pjs and Christmas outfits. And Clara's face is priceless. And that Charlie was so generous with his gifts. Sweet, sweet family. Merry Christmas.

Steph H

Your mom looks good! I hope a visit with the two cutest kids did her good!


Wonderful pictures! I'm so glad to see the ones of your dear mother. I think of her often. Happy New Year!


Love your pictures- your children look wonderful - great memories for all of you. Your mom looks so happy with Charlie and Clara and I'm sure they made her Christmas very special.

Happy New Year to you all.


thanks for sharing, Charlie having Clara open even his presents is so great:)what a sweet brother...hope they have that thru all the years to come...nice to see your mom too..:) great pictures xo

Becky Trump

This post makes me smile :) Charlie and Clara's faces are just so lit up with Christmas Cheer and excitement!!! LOVE it :)


love this.
big time.

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