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It's ok not to feel right. Sending you lots of prayers and love to your mom, you and your family.

Kasey Laughlin

Thinking of you and your mom and praying...
Love the outfits and so excited for you that you get to work at their school! So fun!
Love ya friend...

lisa truesdell

love you. xoxo.


I love the outfits. Working in an actual office is fun news.
Hugs and prayers for you and our Mom.


Those are super cute outfits.
Thinking of you and, especially, your mom...


It is definitely o.k. to not feel right. I'm sorry she's in the hospital again and cannot imagine how you must be feeling, truly. In the midst of it there is always joy to be found somewhere, especially with your darling kiddos. great news about the job at the school; my Mom was our school secretary when I was in primary grades and I loved it. (back in the day!)


All the best with your new job! I know how hard it is to work from home...lots of prayers for your mom. Xo


you are so beautiful, friend.
saying prayers for your mama.
and honey girl-- you have the right to feel however you feel at any given moment. always.
love you.


Working at my kids school is my new dream job. I hope you love it! Love the outfits. Love the red. I found a cute dress in the most unlikely store the other day, $15. Sad when my underwear costs more..ha!

Always thinking of your Mom. Quiet scares me.

Pam S.

Hugs! My prayers will include your family. Please take care of yourself too. Getting out for that job will probably help once you get adjusted. Life is a constant adjustment, isn't it?!

laura g.

oh laura, as a daughter of a mom that passed away from cancer, and a mom with cancer, i say live your life to the fullest. that would be the BEST gift you could ever give your Mother! whatever you are feeling at any moment is okay, and it is alright, and probably not just one emotion at a time....hugs to you and your mom..and prayers...

Mary Jo

First, I want to say Congrats on the new job. Hoping for something similar next year. Was offered a possible sub position at the kids school :)

And Laura, I am so sorry for what your family is going through. I will keep your mom, well all of you in my prayers.

Donna M

Thinking of you and your mum and all the best for your new job. Just wanted to say I loved your SC PL work.

Jessica B

Oh, Laura. I am so sorry to hear that. I will be keeping you and your mom in my prayers. I hope that helps. Stay positive. Your mom needs the good vibes to make her stronger. Best of luck to you and your family!


Continued prayers for your mama. Love the outfits.

Becky Trump

Adorable outfits and I know your new adventure will be great for you!!!
Thoughts and prayers for you and your sweet family always.

Barbara Devine

I know that feeling so well, Laura, and it is not good. I love your new dresses. Also, working in the school where your kids go, is a great experience. Enjoy your new career!


Laura, this was not the news I was hoping to hear. I'm keeping you, your mom and family in my thoughts and prayers.
I'm wishing you the best of luck with your new job! Great wardrobe! Please take care of yourself, I'm sure especially at this time you are pulled in many different directions.

laurie lariviere

you look lovely Laura, and I wish you the best at your new job...will keep thinking of you and your mom :)


Red is such a good color on you. You look beautiful! Sending love to you and your amazing Mom.


Looking gorgeous and hoping your new job is perfect- as you deserve it to be!!! Sending big hugs to you, your mom and entire family!!!


looking adorable as usual. Praying for your mom. Don't feel guilty about your feelings, it is a complicated time. Hugs


hugs from me to all of you,and prayers too..mom too..xo,j


Hugs to you, best wishes for your mom. I wouldn't even begin to think that I would know how to deal with all that!
Congrats on your new job!


sending prayers and good thoughts to your mom (and you too, Laura!)


I'm thinking of you. Just wanted to say that. I have lost a parent and it takes a toll.

Amy Coose

Congrats on your new job, and you and your mama will be in my prayers.


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