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miss and love you tons.


Great little newsletter and photos - your girl is a doll!!!

I have heard good things about Lumineers.


this post put such a smile on my face this morn ...


love this post - thanks for the "news":)

i just read your prior post. and i'm sorry for your current pain, conflicting feelings regarding your mom's health. you're normal. you can be both happy and sad. you're allowed...



i laughed. sweet, little snow bunny.

miss you.


I smiled and for some reason I thought of Christmas Story:) wonderful pictures as always..,j

laura g.

LOL!! it's a wonder little kids can walk with all the stuff we bundle them up in!! what a cute picture, i have one somewhat like it some where of my granddaughter, i should find it an scrap it!!


The red chairs- such memories!


Clara is gorgeous. Love the chairs then and now shot. You still have awesome hair = )


i only "know" you through scrapbooking mags and this blog, but just want to let you know how much I admire your writing, family, and attitude. Please know you inspire people even through such tough times. Take good care- Krista


goodness i love you.

laurie lariviere

thanks for sharing, and yes those glasses paired with the snuggie snow suit, made me smile :)

Becky Trump

Love the recap :) Makes me smile...that FW trip seems like ages ago, and yet you look the same - if not more pretty :)

Kate Teague

Awwwwww man I remember those red chairs, so cool you found them again! I miss you bugaboo!

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