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ok - i'm really not a stalker! we're just on the same wavelength, i guess:) hadn't read blogs for 3 or 4 days and you're the first on my blogroll...so i've already been here and pinned your pl pages to my "elite" pl board. reserved just for liz t, laura k, and annette h!!! you're a superstar;)


Sweet... The overrwhelming is so pervasive. It just changes its hue as they get older. They are still overwhelming in an awesome and awful way. ;) i woldn't, usually, trade it for anything.

Becky Trump

I bought the seafoam kit in Jan. It's still in the box and I have 2 SC kits still in the box...I WILL get back to scrapping someday, right?! :) Your LO's and spreads definitely give me the urge!!!

soldes supra

so that's where Clara got those curls!


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