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You are amazing with words. And you may just have sold this class to me, which I was not going to take.


I'd call that a W, not an M. :)


Awesome, you are.
I needed this.
Thank you.

Stephanie Howell

There are so many things I want to say and type and pour out right now.
But I'm too tired. So I'll say this. YES.
and AMEN.
I think you just wrote exactly what my heart is feeling.
Love you.

laura g.

ha! i have one better than the M on your butt!! my daughter was about 4 and she was combing my hair...and "making mommy pretty" which included putting green ducky barrettes in my hair...my parents stopped by and i saw a chance of a babysitter so i could run to the bank and make a deposit without having to load 3 kids in the car!! yep you guessed it..i went to the bank, inside to make the deposit, with those green ducky barrettes in my hair..and no one said anything...i was wondering why the tellar was looking at me funny...when i got home Mom had lunch ready...we sat down and SHE looked at me funny...and started laughing..and asked me "did you go to the bank with those green ducky barrettes in your hair?" yep...i did!!

laura g.

and i just purchased the class...i have never purchased a class before, but i have been wanting to get my scrapbook done...and this looks like the incentive i need to do it!!

jackie a xxx

Laura - Thank you !!! I love this post. I signed up for the class on the first day and I'm so looking forward to taking part and document about me.


I wasnt going to take this class but i think you may have just convinced me :) you have said beautifully how i have been feeling lately. Thank you. Xx

Shanita K.

This was so good. I needed to read this. Thank you.


Laura Kurz, you are my hero.



Ok, I've already signed up for the class, but I just have to put in here. When my son was 3 (he's almost 13 now), he put a matchbox car in my back belt loop sometime in the morning—without me knowing it. I ran several errands that day, with my shirt tucked in. When I put him to bed that night, he was all giggles. "What? Why are you so silly tonight?" I asked. "You're silly." he replied, "you went to the grocery store and the post office and to pick up Caitlyn at school (where you get out and talk to other parents while you wait for the kids to come out of the school), and you had a car on your bottom all day!" He is still a practical joker, but that was the first day I realized what a sense of humor and patience this kid has! Yeah, I know, this is supposed to be about me, but......


you are amazing :) and you should write a book or something, truly!

Julie Campbell

What a sweet post! Mine are getting too big too fast & this really hit home.

Kasey Laughlin

Order 468441
Signed up :)

Marti Richards

Precisely why I am doing this class! Thank you for your beautiful words!


I signed up for the class as soon as I saw that you were contributing. I had no doubts that it would be something I wanted to participate in. I cannot wait.:):):)

Jane Hambly

I have signed up years ago I started an All about me Album but never finished it .On the kid front a tip for future years keep a few of their cutest photos on your fridge or a shelf in your kitchen so that you can remember that some where inside your man or woman sized teenager that little person still lurks ..... My boy still leaves a trail of popcorn ,DVDs clothes ...


i adore you, LK.


i just love you. i do. so much.

Maria Stanley

so good
like really
i needed this so much
you are amazing


so so good.

laurie lariviere

every mother has those moments, the socks on the floor, the handprints on the black fridge which I told my hubby we shouldn't get black, and yes the crumbs that my dog refuses to eat...lol...as a mother of three, a five year old, 13 and 15...it really is true, they do let go. I am lucky that my 13 year old daughter will still hug me and sit on my lap, but my 15 year old son...I know he loves me but try to get a hug or kiss out of him, forget it! really do treasure the little things, it's exhausting but does not last forever.

Becky Trump

Gosh. Your words are the best words. Always. The "hold them under water" part - yup. Totally there.

Donna M

ooh loving your sneaks. And don't worry, you have a son... when he is 15 you may still find crumbs, including in his bedroom where eating is banned... along with empty plates! You will also have days when they shut themselves in their rooms and you have total silence. And then they randomly hug you and tell you they love you. It all just changes a little as the years pass, but you will get more you time:)


Thank you, thank you, thank you for including that link to that blog post. That was exactly what I needed to read after my day (and let me state for the record that my dear hubby is out enjoying a Bulls game tonight while I'm stuffing Thin Mints into my mouth and staring at the TV like a zombie.)

Love reading your blog as always. Can't wait until June!

April Foster

exactly why i lobbied for you to be a part of this class. your words/thoughts/ideas are so powerful. Thanks for this inspiration!


This is beautifully real and really funny! Thank you.


Loved reading this. : )


Love you. And PS - thanks for the email.

Steph H

I'm thinking that's a W.
But it's all in how you look at it, right?
Like the mama life. It's all in how you look at it.
Miss you, friend!


spot.on.post. Laura! Such an honest account of what it is like on a daily basis for many moms. Thanks for sharing!

julie weis

beautiful post laura!!

emily (justem)

I love this post a lot. :)
And I'd call that a "w", too, hee!!! ;)


This is beautiful, Laura.


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