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So cute that relationship! I'm quickly learning each child is completely different from the next and it's the differences that melt you.


i am glad i am not the only mother who didn't bother to put pants on my kids all the time.

Steph H

At Sam's well check he didn't stop babbling the whole time. The pediatrician said "Don't think you'll have a speech problem with this one!" I had no idea what we were missing with AJ

amy emery

I have followed your blog off and on since first seeing your scrapbooking at 2Peas. Love your style. Love your new house. Your Charlie reminds me of our Cole (now 12).

Our two kids, also boy, then girl, are 14 months apart. At a 2 year old check up, our pediatrician was concerned about our son's speech (lack of). I'm quiet, shy--he was quiet, content, happy baby, so we hadn't actually noticed. He was in speech therapy for 3 1/2 years--up until Kindergarten, for dyspraxia. Later with our daughter, and other kids, I realized that our son hadn't made baby noises, etc.

Once our daughter started talking, she would sometime finish her brother's sentences, etc. But it was natural and sweet--and they're still close.

We had to laugh in Kindergarten when his teacher said he was chatty--we were like YES! and a lot of work and $ went into that! :)

Becky Trump

OH my goodness, I am literally giggling with joy - that video is adorable :)
I can't wait for that relationship to form between H and E.


Elephants are a feature in his room - have you discovered the "Elephant & Piggie" books by Mo Willems?????


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