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Amy Coose

How scary! So glad they know what it was and now you can be prepared if it happens again, but hopefully it won't. Have you had her umbilical hernia fixed? I am taking Davis in for a surgical consult in 2 weeks and I'm a wreck about it. :(


Laura- reaching out to you as a fellow mom. Please take my ((hug)) and know that I send good thoughts and prayers. (The Golden Retriever Owner) :)

emily (justem)

Yikes! So scary! My cousin's daughter is 4 and she has a couple a year. I can't even imagine! Glad to hear she is okay and that everyone took such good care of you! :)


Dad and I I remember your seizure on the NJ Turnpike in 1980 like it was yesterday. You and Ken will be the same.

All the parenting classes we took, and books we read, febrile seizures and croup were never mentioned. We had to learn about them the hard way.



Be sure to write a letter to your little local paper, thanking the volunteers. I am always so touched when I see letters like that.



Your Mom is right, a nice public note is good. A plate of brownies would not be unappreciated either;) and some nice support when levy time comes. Wow...12... No one likes to see a baby in need, do they?


Nita K.

So, so scary. Glad you got the wonderful help you did.


Yep--a letter of thanks, and did they give Clara a teddy bear? When Gracie hit her head in California right after we moved in (and was unconscious for what seemed like eternity) the podunk little fire dept showed up with all six of their vehicles and many people... they gave her a bear as part of a responding-to-kids program. You could give a small donation to help sustain a program like that!


Oh my word! That's scary! Glad she's ok! My godson on his 3rd birthday a couple weeks ago had a seizure too due to a fever. He recovered and made up for it on his birthday party a few days later. Glad sooo many people came to your rescue. That's wonderful!!


I'm so glad everything turned out the way it did. Keeping you all in my prayers!


love to you all. xoxo

Meghan Dymock

So scary! I'm so happy everything turned out OK. And after all that Clara's curls are still intact. :) xxooo


so glad all is well and that you had amazing help. i agree with your mom, a public note in the paper is great. also? firefighters + emt's LOVE cookie deliveries :)


Steph H

My way of thanking people is always a note and baked goods. lots of baked goods.

So glad Clara is okay. As the mama who spent last night in the ER with Sammy, I have tears reading this today.


That is terrifying for a mama (and dad!) SO glad she's going well now! LOVE that so many responders showed up - maybe just a basket of different snacks/treats that you could drop off to show appreciation? Plus hand-drawn artwork by the kiddos, of course! : )


Oh my! So glad she's okay. Just reading that was scary, I can't imagine living it. Glad YOU'RE okay!

And I vote for the puppy. You did mention it. She might have heard you. You should puppy her. Golden retriever puppy her. Please.


You all made it through and now you are an even more informed Mom because of it. Rotten learning the hard way. My son had a Grand Mal seizure on a camping trip with Boy Scouts a couple weeks ago (he has a history of Petit Mal seizures so we sort of knew it was possible). And I wasn't there. But thank God my husband was, along with the other wonderful scout leaders, including an EMT, who take great care of him. I still carries lots of guilt that I was home with his little brothers, not that I couldve done a darn thing-- his dad is the cool head in this marriage! Thank God for all the good people out there that help us through the rough stuff. Take care!


As I was reading, I was holding my breath. Thank goodness your little one is OK.

jennifer mcguire

oh honey how scary. i can't imagine. but a few things are clear to me after this:

1. your little girl has a great momma.
2. your little girl has a caring brother.
3. your little girl is the cutest thing in the world.
4. bake those volunteers some cookies. and attach a photo of your sweet little girl smiling.
5. your little girl needs a puppy. (just do it. you will NEVER regret it. and charmer wouldn't want it any other way.)

love you.


Make a financial donation to the fire company, no food as most are watching their waight (well, around here they are)

Jen Gatenby Balloch


I'm so glad that Clara is ok. I know exactly how you feel. Callum has had two of them in the last year - it is so scary when they happen. It makes you want to hold them even closer. But I swear he has them just so he can have a ride in an ambulance :) Now you know what to do if she has another one. And I'm sure you can't wait until the magic age of five when they grow out having febrile seizures. I hope everyone gets well soon. xoxo


OMG Laura! So glad that sweet girl is okay. As if you don't have enough going on in life, right?!


oh honey girl.
love you guys so much.
this just made my stomach lurch for you.


so nice to see it all turned out..I was scared for you all reading about it..911 calls are scary...I think there will be a dog:)when the time is right..as you know certain dogs are great..love to all the family..Happy Easter...xo,j

Becky Trump

So glad Miss C is better. That is terrifying, I am so sure. Hope today is a good day for you and your sweet family :)


Oh my goodness! My heart STOPPED while reading this. I was shaking and I've never even met the beautiful Clara. My brother is an EMT in Fredericksburg, VA and loves what he does, but tells me that calls for children are sometimes the hardest. I am so thankful that they found your little house in the woods and came quickly. My first thought when you asked how you could thank them? They love their jobs and no thanks are needed. However, my second thought? Bake. Bake until your arms fall off and then deliver all your goodies to the firehouse. So glad she is better!


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