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That bird print top is awesome!


hate the purse but love everything else you got. diggin' the bird shirt. :)

Caz Hancock

i do not like that bag, love all the tops though and that cardi should be burned lol, i mean why!!


Keep the white shirt. You can wear it to our next Sigma Something party (Where did we go? I'm ruining my own joke.) No pants of course. (But really. I like the shirt. And I like you in the shirt.) Love the bird shirt too. Sexy mama.


ok- seriously, is that shirt goose-print? Is it called 'the heidi'? :) you looks great in everything. xoxo

Steph H

totally digging the birds. You have birds and Steph Howell has tulips. Together you are spring :)

laurie lariviere

I like the bird shirt, what a cool thing to have stuff delivered to your house, may have to check into that :)


Love the birds too. I once spent just under an hour with a stylist and 2 kids. Ended up with dress, cardigan, bag and shoes. Best thing I ever did (especially considering I had both kids with me!!).

If you do find a cute tiny practical bag (for phone, wallet and keys) let me know. I need something from the car to school and back. 10 times a week justifies a purchase I say!

emily (justem)

The bird top is my favorite! :) :) I think that's pretty much the consensus, though!!!

Jen doyle

I love that bird shirt! can you share the brand?

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