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love these - you need to include them in a PL insert. :)


I love that digital can free us up to hand a camera to our kids..
The best gifts we ever got the boys were their own cameras.


I LOVE this! Love, love, love! Way to go Charlie!


he's pretty darn awesome! i love this!


I actually love this - seriously, give him the camera more often!


This is awesome. When my daughter is old enough I'm definitely going to encourage her to do this!


Awesome captures Charlie. I love giving kids their own cameras. Brian has my old one, sadly though it doesn't focus at all! We had a few friends over the other week and after they left I said "oh, I forgot to take photos". Brian said "Don't worry Mum, I didn't". He had video and all. Precious!!

Carrie K

saw this today and INSTANTLY thought of you and Charmer :) hope this makes you smile :) http://www.buzzfeed.com/jtes/comfort-dogs-come-to-boston

laurie lariviere

how cute! my little guy has a photo album of photos that he has taken, there's just about everything you can imagine in there, included a booger on his leg...hmmm

emily (justem)

LOVE these. Miri likes to take over my iPhone. Though, all it ever seems to show is how messy my house is. ;)

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