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lump in the throat sweet.....


I miss her too. I was just looking at her photos last night, from when I first went to meet her at Karen's to the last day I have a photo, when she was at the door with Charlie in his red jacket.

And I was thinking the same thing that you wrote....how she was just getting to know Charlie. Sad.



every time you write about your beautiful doggy it makes me cry...she really was a gorgeous doggy, and having a doggy myself, I know how they can get into your sole and stay there forever...hugs to you...

p.s. Clara looks like her handsome daddy :)


I Completely understand all that you said here...my dogs were my babies before I had babies and I miss them everyday


I still miss my wiener dog that passed on November 1, 2005. He was my special handsome fellow and we were basically co-dependent.

I will say this, when I moved to a different home it became slightly easier because there wasn't the constant reminders (that's where he liked to sit, that's where he would lay in the sun, etc.)

I am so sorry that you lost your beautiful Charmer. Dogs leave us much to soon, but they are so worth it. Bless you and your family.


*gulp* how sweet!


really sweet! we are thinking of getting a dog...my little girl loves dogs


Hugs! So not even close to how much y'all miss her, but I miss your posts about her!


thinking of you today, LK.


So sad sad for you. I remember that post well, when you told of her passing. Hugs to you x (from someone who is fast approaching this time in my dogs life)

erika d.

love you so, friend.


damn, now I'm crying. thanks for sharing charmer with all of us. thinking of you.


I love her. I don't know her, I didn't know her, and I still love her. She is the female counterpart to my Tucker, who passed away 404 days ago. But who's counting? I still say good night to him every single night, no matter where we are. And ask him to come to us in our dreams.

I have to believe that that's the mark of a good dog. When you still think of them every day, years after they've left us.

Golden retrievers could bring about world peace.


beautiful pictures.
unfortunately, we lost our dog just a couple of months ago, so this post hits very close to home.
unfortunately, i know the pain and longing that you speak of.
i still find fur on our couch even though I swear we've vacuumed it countless times.
this feeling is the absolute worst.
i hope that charmer is playing lots and lots of fetch.

Nicole Norman

Damn you Laura Kurz for making me cry at work.:) I can't even imagine. My husband and I got our dog a few months before we got married. We've been married 6 years now and have been trying for a baby for 2.5 with a couple losses, so he is most definitely a HUGE part of our family. I look at him often and wonder what the heck I'm going to do when he's gone (lost it, most likely). Sending you hugs.


Some dogs...they just have a way to our hearts and never leave it, even once they are gone. Hugs.


Oh boy. Do I know. Do you ever stop looking around the corner of the front door for the nose? I found a tennis ball under the couch the other day and lost it. (sigh)

emily (justem)

I don't know if I ever realized that Charmer passed away on the same day as my Maddie's birthday. Who would have guessed that they would chums up in dog heaven three years later. I feel your pain...every day. Sending you love today.

Sonia A. Mascaro

Charmer looks adorable and lovely!
So beautiful photos!

I still miss so much my dog Flora that passed on July 12, 2011.

jenn shurkus

love the pics of charmer. i think i first met her in one of her guest blogging times :) loved those posts.... think of her fondly, and hopefully she is playing with watcher my kitty i had for 20 years

Bridget =)

We just had to say goodbye to our furbaby Phoebe last week... I actually came to your blog last week because I remember you went through something similar and I was trying to figure out if there was something we could do to help her, but I guess it was just time... =( I could barely make it through your post because it just hurts so much. Hugs

Jenny L

I know how you feel. It just stinks. I am missing my Frankie. We lost him over a year ago, but it still feels like yesterday. No dog can ever replace him.


I so enjoy the Charmer stories and completely understand the love you feel for your dog! We had 3 beloved goldens and I miss each and every one of them still....sigh.

Jenn A.

((hugs)) That's how I feel about my Oscar kitty. He's been gone three years this month, too, and it still makes me cry when I think of how soft his big furry belly was and how he would roll over, paws up, to ask for a tummy rub. I've had pets my whole life (we grew up with dogs and cats) but Oscar was my first baby.


Beautiful dog. Truly fell in love with Charmer through your blog. May you keep your memories of Charmer in your heart forever.


This made me cry--and I usually don't really "get" dogs. What a beautiful tribute.


Well, Laura... this is ironic... I was just talking to my daughter about Charmer a few weeks ago when we were visiting Minnesota in the (most unusual for April) snow and wondering about how our beautiful (California!) Golden girl would act in the snow... you should've seen her the first time in the ocean... :) Anyways, the 'snow talk' totally made me think of the video you had blogged of Charmer in the snow and I just had to smile. And, remember your sweet girl. {{{hugs}}}




I know how much you miss her...I still miss my mollie too


Owh that third shot. She was your family. Thinking of you.

Becky Trump

Heavy heart for you and sweet Charmer. She was such a lovely girl. The photos of Charmer and Charlie melt my heart.

Hugs to you sweet friend.


Charmer was a beauty inside and outside..


i miss charmer too, loved reading about her and seeing her photos. thinking of you, laura.


i loved reading about charmer. such a sweet warm pup. may she live in your heart and the hearts of your readers forever.

Julie Reid

I remember your post about Charmer's passing. I remember my husband coming to check on me because he heard me crying from the other room, then I remember him getting teary eyed when I told him why I was crying. I now think about our dog Maggie and how one day she will not be with us and it makes me wonder how I can make my way around the house without her by my side. Charmer will always be with you and your family and loving you forever. Thank you for sharing her with us.

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