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erika d.

i love that last photo so much.
and do hope you came home with one of everything from that store.
love you, sweet friend.


Fun! And what a beautiful place and a yummy lunch. And Devin graduated from WHAT?!


Love the generations photo so so much.


yo girl. are the pics from julie's wedding from your phone? do you mind sending them to me? ps. love that you got to terrain and what you bought...and pretty much everything about this post. xoxoxo


Love, love, love. I can completely see why you love that place. And I'm looking at teeny pics on my phone with tired fuzzy eyes!

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Well spent.

laura g.

make your own plaque and mail it to your 1st place of employment...i'm sure it was just an oversight! love the generations pic!

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