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And then you have your friends from afar crying at lunch time! Fantastic news!!!!


This update warmed my heart... Hooray!!

emily (justem)

Love this post. :) So happy to hear about your mom!!!

Nita K.

This is such good news for your family! We are awaiting results for my mother in law, who they think may have cervical cancer. Hoping for good news.


I don't even know you all IRL, but my heart about stopped as I got towards the end of this post. Reading your dad's message brought tears of relief to my eyes. You have many people out here in the great wide world praying for your Mom.

What great news! (I am Queen of the Obvious)

and in the meantime, the lesson is important for us all; take time to enjoy the simple pleasures and the small graces.

thanks for blogging


WONDERFUL news, laura!! so happy for your mom. for all of you!


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh such wonderful news!!!!!
best way to start my day.
love you all.


Amazing news!!!!! So so happy for your family!!!!


That's the best thing I've heard all week. SOOOO happy for you guys. xoxoxo


best news of the week!! :) :) *

Kasey Laughlin

I'm crying happy tears!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So awesome.


filled with JOY!! Thank you for sharing.


the BEST news! :) YAY! Continuing to prey for your sweet mama.


What a great "story" with an even greater ending! So happy for you and so happy for your family! HUGS!


So happy for you and your family!!


Whew. Wonderful. So glad to hear it, Laura. xo

rhonda nickol

Laura I am so happy you got good news, I have been saying a prayer for you everyday esp. for your mother!


That is such amazing news!!!! Your post was so moving. I've been fearful when you haven't said anything in awhile. So glad for all of you!!!

Jessica B

So so very happy for you and your family! This brought tears to my eyes!


YAY! This is fantastic news.


such a wonderfully written post with a heartwarming ending! love this:)

Pam Merry

I'm crying too! Wonderful news, wonderfully expressed. So happy for your family.

Erica Thomas

Teary eyes over here too!! Such wonderfully happy news!!

Steph H

so very very VERY happy to read this!


You just made me cry. Happy news for you!


Absolutely beautiful post, Laura. So glad to hear the wonderful news!
A big hug,



Scanxiety is the worst, the waiting is so cruel. So happy about your mom's clear scans :)

Becky Trump

HUGE hug to you, sweet girl!!! So damn happy for your mom.

Pamela Davis

I have been reading your blog for a long time now and know that I don't know you or your family (your mom) but I am sitting here with tears rolling down my face. Such wonderful news. As always you and yours are in my thoughts and prayers. Thanks for including all of us with your wonderful heartfelt writings.

Pam Davis

Sara Winnick

I think of you and your mom often. So often, in fact. I am overjoyed for you all! And niiiice alien arm photo! Xoxo

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