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but i want to see INSIDE the pantry!


Well, you know I LOVE your kitchen (and the rest of the house obvi.)
I'm also jealous that you have a faucet handle that isn't reversed like mine is. ;)


I love every inch of it and want to see the inside of the pantry too! :)

laura g.

LOVE YOUR KITCHEN!! sigh... was going to just get new flooring for mine...but now i want new everything!! ha!! hubby should have paid out then..now it's going to cost him!! lol..love the farm house sink...i am drooling!!


Simply beautiful. Simply gorgeous. Simply simple. When shall I look for your house in H&G? :)


Love it! And I agree, let's see a pantry shot!!


I couldn't comment on this post until I viewed it in real "desktop" size, sometimes the phone just doesn't cut it, only sometimes!

Love, love, love the kitchen and I can see that the changes you made to your plans have made a huge difference.

I have about 100 questions (what's it like working with no splashback?, is your floor mat washable?, is that a soap dispenser built in?, can I move in?) - is it ok to email the 96 remaining questions?

Steph H

Wait. We don't get to see inside the pantry? But isn't that where I'm sleeping when I come for a visit??? I feel cheated :)

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