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Love the quote and the circles. The curls and the dancing together ... is just too much cuteness! Always thinking of your Mom.


oh honey girl.
how i love you.

Linda J

Love the dancing!:)....prayers for your mom.


Oh my, I love that shirt. Thanks for the heads up!!

Nita K.

I really don't have words, except to say I am praying for you all. Hugs!


But you are you, and that's the best there is. Love you!


I don't know you, but to me you are a really, really good scrapbooker. When You became a garden girl at Two peas (which was the only site I knew then), Your Ireland-designs caught my eye. And luckily for me, more good layouts was to come. (You were the way I found out about Ali Edwards and Cathy Zielske, but You are the one who have inspired me the most). And then I found out You are a really good blogger. And then I found out that Your mom is a really good writer too. Even if I don't know You, I send You all good thoughts. I think Your mom is very lucky to have You, and I am sure You already have done more miracles than You are aware of.


Love that shirt! Love it so much that I bought 2 at full price. :) Think I should grab another at half price. Oh happy day!


Girl, don't we ALL wish to be super awesome at just one thing or a million things? Lucky for all of us, you are "just" Laura and you're pretty damn awesome at that.

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