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When are you coming back?


If I saw Kelly Purkey and Laura Kurz on a trip I'd be counting that as a celebrity sighting. : )

Was it fun doing something just with Charlie? We need to implement more one on one adventures.


So...you don't know me, though I feel like I know you because I've been reading your blog for a (very) long time.... I have just had a shocking moment because I apparently did NOT read the post title --- I was just scrolling through reading the photo captions, looking at the pictures when I saw your reference to the Choo Choo restaurant.... I thought "hmmmm how cute, some other town has a Choo Choo. I wonder if they have the train that brings your grilled cheese sandwich to you?" Then I had to STOP and look at the photo --- and I thought "wow, how crazy this is --- that looks like my hometown." Then I scrolled up and down a few times before I was CONFIDENT that you had lunch in my hometown!! It's such a small world!!


...Oh, AND, my brother worked at that original McDonald's for years, before they converted it into the museum!


Haha, Brooke! I was just thinking that. :D

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