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I love your big photos + little words pages. [insert contented sigh]

Michele McGowan


This is the second comment I have posted anywhere.ever. I just had to let you know how wonderful your scrapbook pages are. And I love that you do it for you. Please don't ever stop.


I agree with Elizabeth... Your pages make me feel settled, content and bring me bug Momma smiles.


Oh (same sigh as edillow) your layouts just rock. I'm considering giving up blogging to scrapbook instead.


Perfect! I love getting a dose of your inspiration :)


Love these so much! Thanks for the inspiration.

Jenny A

I love your work! I'm so happy to see these!

Stephanie Bryan

You are awesome! Love every single one!

Linda J



Love, love, love. Your simplicity is always perfect.


swoon. 100 times swoon.

laura g.

love the simplicity of your scrapbooking style...don't know why people have to add soo much stuff that you end up looking at all of the stuff and not the pictures...and cutting up a photo to fit into multiple page pockets...arrgghhh!!! time consuming and a waste of a great photo...why enlarge it if it's going to be cut up into pieces??


So happy to see these! I love each one:)


oh my word. i think you scrapbook better than the best. you are magic, too!


I love your pages. Please don't ever stop posting them. I've been a fan of your pages for years. Thank you for sharing :)

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