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Hope she recovers soon! And so good to get everything done at once. Perfect diet!

Nita K.

It is so hard to see little ones go through any kind of surgery. Even small or routine ones. I hope she has a speedy recovery and enjoys that diet while she can.


Glad everyone is home safe... Heal quickly!
Prayers for enjoyment of popsicles and speedy healing.

Amy Coose

So glad it's over, and that she's hanging in there. Hugs to her mama, too!


I know just what kind of day you're having! I would bring YOU something comparable to popsicles and oreos (I always fixate on Bread and Chocolate) if I could : ) Hang in there!

laura g.

here's to a speedy recovery for Clara..and some sleep for Mom and Dad!! just when you get to sleeping through the night as the kids get older...they start dating...just thought I'd warn ya...

Biddy Kehoe

So glad that all went well and that Clara was such a trooper. You look exhausted - hope you catch up on your sleep soon!


xoxoxoxo to you all.

Becky Trump

Thinking of you and your sweet girl. Hoping for a speedy recovery!


Oreo's ...oooh her and I would get along fine:) I haven't been by for a few days..I didn't know she was having surgery..You do look tired,hope you finally got some rest..Clara is growing up and Charlie too..xx,j

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