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Those feet are adorable. I feel like doing the same thing when I hear that song.


Can we do comment lists?
- Clara is awesome. Her spirit is amazing. Brian does the same and is also shy about it.
- your lawn is fake green green. Here we get brown and that's as good as it gets. I don't even know what that would be like to stand on, let alone play on.
- following along with the royals in oz. Remembering you introduced me to what kate wore. Obsessed!

Becky Trump

I have not even watched the video yet but I just have to say how happy the "park in my backyard" comment makes me :))) Just love your Easter photo too - that's what it's all about. Happy Happy sigh...Love this :)

Becky Trump

...and now I am even happier. Watched the video. My heart is smiling and now I will go to bed with that :)))


1. Dinner looks yummy, will pin and make. We like our salmon with lemon pepper. Yumm
2. Dog envy
3. I do that tooo... Maybe related? :)
4. Neighbors plus tractors = neighbor nievana
5. Awesome... Can not wait until the grass is brown underneath. Now you need a sandbox :)
6. Again, dog envy
7. They let you hold them for a moment? Bliss
8. Love the ferns. Still getting cold snaps, but soon! Baskets!

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