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I know that feeling....Three years after discovering the family. I'm still searching for "Table for Twelve" and hoping they come back!


I love Dexter! I was just going to write "Don't Watch season 8!" but you already did. Have you watched Fringe? If not you can start dating Walter Bishop. As a rebound of sorts.

Kate T

Ooh I have yet to watch it, may have to check it out! I am just finishing the Kiling. Creepy title, but awesome show. Slow but in a good way. You'd like it! ;)


I binge-watched Dexter while I was pregnant with Hattie. I wish I could have handled it better. LOL. I got two episodes into Season 4 (read: John Lithgow is the creepiest serial killer in the history of TV-serial killers). I, honestly, thought I was becoming a schizophrenic. I was hallucinating! No joke. It was scary. Right before I decided to make an appointment with a psychiatrist, my brilliant husband said, "Umm... Reyanna? I think you watch too much Dexter. You should probably stop." *sigh* And I did stop watching. And I got better. Yeah, that. True story. Brilliant show. Loved it so much. Someone should really catch me up to speed after Season 4. My friends told me how that one ended. Eek. :-/

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