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What Exactly Is This?

  • On May 22, 2009 I will turn 30. Yikes. I created this blog as a way to recognize 365 people who have been along for the ride. Each day, using a random number generator, I'll write about one person from my list. Thanks for reading.

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OH my gosh, Laura, this is my new favorite thing to look forward to. What a fantastic idea!! Happy birthday, dear friend!


this is such an awesome idea. and i must do this!!! happy birthday again :)

Anilu Magloire

That's a cool pic!


This brought tears to my eyes. You were so special to him.



I agree with Elizabeth, this is so going to be my new favorite thing to look forward to!

That photo of your grandfather is so cool. I love the pooch with his big ol' tongue hanging out!

Danielle (vtpuggirl)

Cute idea! What a neat blog!


Laura, I want to be you!

Nancy Vander Vliet

Dear Laura, Your comments show just how special Uncle Charlie was to you, and also, how special you were to him. He was, indeed, a man to remember fondly. What a neat idea you have going there!
Love, Nancy


I cannot get over this idea. What a neat way to document stories, foster gratefulness, and thank those who are special to you. Can't wait to follow along!


love this idea.. so sweet.

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