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We're all about the Clementines too! : )
Just got my first "real good" batch at the store last week... : )
Fun times...


I will totally pass on the egg nog but I'm SO with you on the Clementines AND Cadbury eggs. I treated myself to 1/week while in college - wish I still had that willpower today!!! Good stuff!


I just bought a box of yummy clementines myself!

Abby Brusco

Our creamery has the BEST eggnog around, you can get it at the 32nd Street Farmers Market on Saturday's!


I am enjoying peppermint mochas/cocoa, apple cider, and gingerbread flavored stuff..


Borden's egg nogg in the tall can
not in the carton
and i never comsume food from cans
or milk products
but this stuff


bags and bags of mint m&ms at Christmas ... and Necco sweethearts ... mmmmmmm...


Candy canes and clementines, though not together... ah... December!! I eat enough clementines to get stomach ulcers, too. Mmmmm.

Kate T

Yep mandarin oranges baby!!! LOVE them!!! We have gone through 4 boxes already! :) And yep I'm with you on the cream eggs- those are my fave for easter- no other easter candy for me except an egg or two :)


damn, mint m&m's? Where the hell have I been?

I am not so much in love with egg nog. i am in love with the peppermint mocha creamer. I haven't found any yet though...


i eat oranges until i get sick also.


btw, i found the mint m&ms at target. :)


Coley has had me pack a clementine for his snack everyday this week....love them. such a seasonal food lover am i....love catching up on your blog....love the frames....and charmer is aDORable. xxe


I knew there was a good reason I liked you so much...Cadbury eggs...YUM! :) Bring them on baby! ;)

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