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Stephanie Homburg

Awe look at her loving her yard!!

Walker was "chill" for a moment this morning, sitting on the deck of our new house, taking in his space.

And then-- two deer ran between the trees out back. He was none too happy to have visitors out back who are bigger than he is :)

Carron DeGrass

You should hang it front and center in your dining room! Haha. At least you got something out of our miserable, endless Friday night at SPS.


I finally saw that last Thursday night. I actually got shushed by the old lady a couple of rows in front of me because I laughed so hard at the "crop suckers" line! :P

Charmy is precious, as always! Cant wait to see you scrap the tilted pic...I always shy away from scrapping the tilted ones! Maybe you could make that a weekly challenge in Pea-ville! ;)


your leaves still have a wisper of green!!! Ours are covered with snow! Did you see the movie? i am sure it must be funny. RW always are.

: )

Mary Jo

I am such a huge Robin Williams fan!
He is right up there with Tom Hanks for me :)

Minda Shultz

I don't know if you will get a kick out of this or not, but my scrapbook group pulled a Laura Kurz last week. We reviewed a dozen or so of your layouts to get a feel for your style, then set a timer to 20 minutes and with a limited supply of LK type product we set out to make it work.
Thanks for the inspiration! http://mindakms.typepad.com


Is your dog a beagle? She looks just like my beagle Chloe'....so cute!


I love le charme (that's supposed to sound french) and Mr. Williams. The picture alone is genius.

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