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You and Mercer are so "growed" up. I was just looking at the summer of 1997 photo of the two of you in the kitchen. SIGH

stephanie Howell

you guys are adorable...
one thing that is so hard about the army life
is moving and constantly leaving friends behind.
you are so blessed. ;)


Those pictures are insanely cute!!


Cute pics, but how do you get such great pics of a black dog. Mine always look like one big blob with eyes. Great definition!


suzanne b.

Hey! Who are those cute ladies up top? Hey! :)

(Can I ask what building you are standing in front of. I think I have something funny to tell you . . .)


Fabulous Photos! Fabulous Trio. Hanker Von Spankers even looks glam! xoxoxo


i'm a little curious how tall mercer is, because i know i come up to your belly but...ton.


woah that was supposed to say button. not but-ton. ay yi yi.


Oh what a fun day it looks like you had! :o)


you are so right, almost everyone in old towne has a dog kinda of like nyc. I feel like everyone has a dog there too! :)

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