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Well, Jason definitely has MY vote, not that it matters. Jeremy was a bit less cocky tonight.I just don't get Jessie's attraction. Lots of crying tonight. Graham looked like such a slob. He deserved to go home.

jenn shurkus

i think that would be a fun twist to bring him back.. theyve never done that before ( not that ive seen almost every episode ;) of every season) it was very sad... and i was yelling at my tv "dont let him go!" ok.. maybe i wanst yelling it ;)


He deserves to go!! Who wants a guy that can't communicate this early into a 'relationship' :) I hope they don't bring him back!


i am so sad that graham is gone. i think she really liked him....he was kind of a jerk at the end of his hometown date. i knew after that she would send him home...


i am still rooting for jason...but, i have heard rumors of someone coming back onto the show. should be interesting ;-)

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