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Kasey Laughlin

I agree! I read her too and thought the same thing. :)


hee hee. you have my permission to slap me if i say it...


people told me LOTS of things but there were two really shocking things that NO ONE told me, not my two sisters or my mother or my other friends that had babies...so if you don't ever hear some SHOCKING information about after you have the baby, let me know and i will tell you. i know tell all my pregnant friends, most are very grateful.

Anilu Magloire

LOL!! I hear ya. This time is be fully enjoyed, period.


I especially like the people (since this is my second baby) that say...ooooh wait...if you thought things were bad after the first one...
thanks people, like I didnt already know that!


Nope not saying that....saying JEALOUS OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!


Ugh! I hate hearing that phrase. As soon as I hear that, I start tuning that person out...

Tanya Webster

i have had four girls and let me tell you i seriously wanted to slap every single person who thought they were an expert on being pregnant or even being a parent....TRUST ME...you will figure it out and NO ONE is an expert about you and your baby except well......YOU!! I hope you enjoy it...i know you dont know me but i follow your blog all the time and it probably seems creepy to hear from someone who is a total stranger but i just love your posts....and i am a fellow golden lover *wink* have a great weekend!!


I don't know why a woman being pregnant makes her approachable to complete strangers who want to touch her belly and those same asshol...ummmmm...people tell her the horror stories of the 126 hours of labor they had.
Hang in there, Laura!

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