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Kasey Laughlin

Holy Crap!!! Congrats!!! I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear the details...


Oh, I'm so happy for you, Laura!! Yay, yay, yay!! Congratulations!! I so wish I could meet him in person and give you a (delicate) hug!


He's beautiful, congrats!


just so beyond thrilled for you. he's beautiful, laura. :)

Maria Hanson

He's gorgeous Laura. Congratulations.

Bridget =)

omg!!!!! how fantastic! congrats and enjoy!!!!

Kate Teague

He's gorgeous Laura- what a cute little head of hair!!!! I am beyond ecstatic for all THREE of you!!! Ken's e-mail this morning made me smile ALL day at work- welcome to the club. Now you are on those Moms who can/will say to pregnant people "You'll never know how much it will change your life until it happens..." but it is so true isn't it? Kenzie was fast like that- 4 hours and she was out- my water broke at 12:10 and she was born at 4:45 am after pushing for 2 1/2 of those hours- totally crazy! Can't wait to hear your story :)

lisa truesdell

many many many congrats on your little man. he was just in a hurry to meet you. =)

Moriah Bettencourt

Congratulations!!!! Enjoy this wonderful, amazing time in your life. It is truly one of the sweetest things you will ever experience.

Heather M.

congratulations laura and ken! welcome to the world, charlie! i can't believe he's here already! i hope things are going well. he is beautiful!

Robyn W.

He is soooo beautiful Laura!! Huge congrats to you two!!! So happy for you!!! :) :)


congratulations, laura!!! charlie is a beautiful boy...i think he looks a bit like you in this photo here! :)
welcome, little one!


he's so beautiful! congrats, brings back such wonderful memories!


can't wait to hear the whole story. He is ADORABLE.


Laura! He's absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations!! My first born, a son, came a month early . . . and he has never given me a minute of trouble. (He's now almost 12.) I hope little Charlie brings as much joy to you!


Awww...how handsome is he?! Huge congrats to you all!!


He is absolutely precious!
So happy for you all! :)


Charmer is a big sister:) Congrats on such a cutie!!


What a sweet little baby boy!! He's perfect! I can't wait to hear all about everything. Congrats on being a mom! :)


Congratulations!!!! I am so happy for you and Ken (and big sister Charmie too). Charlie is adorable. He is just perfect and I can't wait to meet him. Love ya!!!!


Oh, Laura! I'm so happy for you all! Welcome, baby Charlie! Welcome to sisterhood, Charmer...


Congratulations to your family - he is a beautiful baby!!


awww! congratulations! he is precious! :)

Amanda Smith

Congratulations! He is absolutely precious. I have a little Charlie myself. Boys are great! Hope you are doing well and enjoying every minute with your little man.


YAY for baby boys! He is absolutely adorable. And looks nothing like a honeydew. :) Can't wait to see more pictures!

Jenny L.

Congratulations, he is a sweetheart! Aww, this brings back such precious memories. Soak it all in. You did good.
Jenny from SBLand. :)


He's amazingly gorgeous and SO blessed to be yours. :)
Sounds like it was quick... and that's usually a good sign.


CONGRATS!!! he is soooo cute!

jamie k

huge congrats!!! he is adorable!

you're lucky you got to have the whole "water breaking" experience. I had none of that and had to be induced at 40 weeks. our little booger probably would've stayed in longer if we had let her.


Oh, he is just so sweet, and perfect and divine! Congratulations!! Charmer & Charlie, I like it! :)


It's all so exciting, Laura :) Congratulations, over and over!


Congratulations, he's just gorgeous. He has a beautiful name made even more so by special meaning = )


ahhh..he's beautiful and perfect, laura! congrats!! :)

aimee c.

congratulations. he is a gem =)


Congratulations, he is gorgeous!! :)


Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

So very happy for your new family Laura, and Charmer must be very excited at becoming a "big Sister" LOL


He is absolutely precious! Congratulations!!!


Congratulations, Laura!


He is perfect! Congratulations. You are going to love having a little boy. I'm so happy for you! Get some rest!


Congratulations!!! Aren't you happy now that you had the practice run through last week. Welcome to Mommyhood, it's the most amazing thing ever and something that you can only expereience, not explain. Enjoy every moment!!!


Oh my goodness, he is beautiful! We'll have to swap first birth stories...mine sounds similar to yours;)


So excited for you.. CONGRATULATIONS! :)


I just wuv those wittle wips



That is one beautiful baby! And I am a firm believer that fresh out of the oven most babies are not all that cute. So peaceful!


Huge congrats Laura, he's so beautiful and perfect. Looking forward to many baby layouts from you. :)


He is so beautiful....congrats on your new addition! Glad things went smoothly for you. Take care and enjoy these new days!

jennifer mcguire

i wish i could express to you how happy i am for you. this adventure you, ken and charmer just started with this little charlie man - it is the best thing ever. love you.


Welcome to the new kid on the {Broadmoor} block!
Thanks for letting me visit last night! The visit was definitely the highlight of my day (and week!) since I got to see you all and to hold him. I hope you got some rest last night...


Congrats to you, Ken and Charmer! Welcome Charlie :)

Courtney B

Congrats!!! He is so cute! Love the hair!


Congratulations!! He's absolutely stunning!!! So happy for you guys and I'm wishing you, Ken, Charmer, and Baby Charlie all the best. :)

melissa diekema

I was so happy to get Ken's email yesterday :)
He has such a cool name - just love it!
Welcome to the world of mamas of boys... nothing better, I tell you (girls are pretty sweet, too)


CONGRATULATIONS! Beautiful, beautiful boy. :) Such a sweetheart and a blessing. Hope you + family are doing well!!


He is perfect and beautiful.
I am so happy for you guys!!

Jessica Sprague

Congratulations, Laura! So happy for you! :D He is beautiful!


yeah!!! congrats to you and welcome to Charlie!
a little jealous on the four hours...


Congratulations! Glad everything went well. Love the name.

Suzanne Quillen

Oh my goodness, Laura. He is so beautiful! Congratulations and welcome baby Charlie!

Lisa Damrosch

Congrats Congrats Congrats. SO SO happy for you!!

Jen Johner

Congrats Laura and family!! Charlie is precious!! 4 hours for your first baby? ...I am soooo gonna pretend I read that wrong! ha ha!! Congrats again!! :)

Anilu Magloire

He's perfect! Welcome to the world, Charlie K.


Congratulations Laura & Ken - he's beautiful!

Michelle Sicotte

Congratulations, he is lovely!


he is so handsome! Love all that hair. Congrats! Having a boy is wonderful. Enjoy!


i am so stinkin' happy for you all! i love that there is another little charlie in the world and he is just gorgeous! hope you are well!!!

Sally Lynn MacDonald

Such a beautiful baby boy! Precious!!! CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!

melissa deakin

congrats, laura.
that is an amazing birth story...4 hours! woohoo!
charlie is beautiful.
enjoy every moment!

Kim F.

Congratulations! He is adorable. You are going to love being a baby boy mom. They are so sweet.

Congratulations Charmer. Remember, it's ok to go for a walk with the duck in your mouth but not your baby brother. ;)

Carrie K

oh Laura...hes beautiful...and perfect!

lucky girl!!

and the name is just right :)



I cannot believe you are able to blog, ubermomma!!


Congrats. He's just beautiful. I certainly didn't expect to see a baby post when I looked at your blog today :-). Glad everything went well for you despite the early arrival.



Just had to add I just saw the family photo on your Moms blog and you are just glowing and beautiful. You certainly don't look like most women who have just given birth :-).





Gorgeous! Many congrats to you all!


he is absolutely gorgeous and what an awesomely quick labor! I am so happy for you and cannot wait to hear more and to see more pictures!


he is beautiful!!!


He is the sweetest little baby boy I have ever seen. Congrats!

Lisa DIckinson

oh my, he is BEAUTIFUL. So happy for you, my friend!


We were so thrilled to meet Charlie today!
He is one special, sweet, beautiful little boy! He is truly perfect...we are so happy for you and Ken. Welcome to parenthood!


CONGRATULATIONS to all *four* of you!!! :) Cant wait to see more pictures....and so happy to hear labor was good to you!!! :)


Yahooo! I can't believe that 80 people got in front of me in line to offer up big congrats on the birth of Charlie!

Let's see.... Charmer... Charlie... I see a little Ch naming trend starting here... :-)

All our love to all of you -- he is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!

emily pitts

he's perfect. congratulations :)

Becky Trump

Many many hugs and kisses to that new little one.
He's gorgeous and I am just so thrilled for you, Ken, and Charmer.
Many blessings and Congrats, sweet friend.


Cathy Pascual

congratulations! i'm due 6/09!!!!




Laura -- He's simply beautiful. I'm so happy for you and Ken and I absolutely love the name Charlie. Enjoy every minute.


Huge congrats!
Charlie looks so cute! I'm looking forward seeing more pictures.

Jennifer Pebbles

I am so happy, thrilled and bursting with excitement for you both!! Charmer is going to be a great big sis, and you, of course, will be a WONDERFUL mother!!
sending hugs from the other side of the country...((((((((love you))))))))))

Stefanie Rico

Roses are Red,
Charmer is a hoot.

But your baby boy,
Ever so cute!


ok, so i googled "sugar designs" one day 2 years ago or so and your blog came up and I've been checking in ever since (i'm a big dog fan and you gave great recommendations for the cutest things on etsy).

so i feel like i've been waiting to see this little boy. . . congrats. he's perfect. and as the boy of 2 little boys. . .be prepared to have the little man steal your heart again and again. congrats to you and your family, charmer included.


'sugar boo' designs. . .the photo boxes. sorry! again, congrats.

Stephanie Howell

welcome, sweet boy.
i love your mommy and can't wait to meet you one day!!

Linda Barber

Ohmigosh, he is just perfectly adorable. So darling and precious. Congratulations to you all. All four of you (Had to include Charmer, of course!). And yes, those are rockstar/movie star lips. :)

Tina Cockburn

Many, many congrats to all of you, and I love his names. My grandfather is named Charles, as is his eldest son, and William is my father's and brother's name and my son's middle name. Kinda have a soft spot for those strapping names.

Congrats to Charmer, too.


he is one beautiful baby! best wishes!!


congratulations Laura!! So happy for you! I wish you many many joys with Charlie!!



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