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You are too much!



I am making a christmas present, does that count? It was hot out there today.

Kasey Laughlin

I started thinking of Christmas ideas...does that count?! I also got some stuff ready for a garage sale in a couple of weeks. :)


I began the process of planning our daughter's college graduation/ Naval comissioning/ son't high school graduation party, which will be held the second week end in May 2010. I reserved the venue, ordered the cupcakes, and met with the artist who will be creating the invitation.


unfortunately it is raining here...has been for a week! ugh! yay for you getting some christmas shopping done. i am at work...i'd like to be shopping though!


...good to know I am not the only one getting a head start :)


Today I quit my job and started looking for rental properties and schools in our new city. Hubby returns from Afghanistan (after 15 months) in 50 days. We have to pack up and move shortly after he gets home! Since we are moving over Christmas this year, I am "off the hook". I won't have to decorate (house will still be in boxes on Christmas Day, having just had our household goods delivered on December 21) and I've already informed my family that this year I'm taking the easy way out -- everyone is getting $100 gift cards!


I bought THREE Christmas gifts today!


i have also got on the early christmas shopping bandwagon this year. i'm already done two and have started a few little gifts for others.

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