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go charlie! camryn never liked those little devices - well, until a few months ago when she found them and liked to carry them around the house. lol


what in the world is that?! guess i'm out of the mommy loop on this one...


He is just too cute! I had one of those fruit net thingys for my son too. Now he is a huge fan of fruit.


The first time we went to Ohio with Maddie we drove from Cheyenne when she was 7 weeks old, and we had the 4Runner PACKED FULL. Full. Of what, we're not sure. We manage to travel much lighter with three for some reason : )

Kasey Laughlin

Love this pic! Can't wait to hear about the trip... :) It will be interesting to see what we can cram into our bags for the flight to Florida next week! Thank you for the prayers for my Aunt too! Also, I want to know the foods you started Charlie on and when you started fruits, etc. :) I'm lost!!! ha!


Wait until you take your first flight and you have to pack 8,623 bags worth of stuff into just 2!!! Miss you!!!

Heather M.

my dd loved her safe feeder and so did i!

cute photos!

Nancy Martin

How cute.....who is that holding him? I think his hair is getting lighter or is that the camera?

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