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Beautiful video!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!


Very Very Cool! LOL! Love the tail and the poop report.... I was a pediatric ICU nurse...my DH began his professional life as a NICU Doc... and we fretted and stewed when our third child was born...because she had a dimple on her butt... my sweet hubby once read an medical journal article on the association between butt dimples and an exotic neurological syndrome. (And my sweet Hubby really is quite brillant!) Our pediatrician calmly said (without rolling his eyes) when you hear hoofs...think horses not zebras... her butt dimple is probably just a butt dimple. Sure enough...twenty-one years later she is a deans list, tennis playing co-ed with no signs of life threatening neuro problems. WHEW!


Wow ... what an incredible video - I've laughed and cried. and that last pic with Charmer? Amazing. Happy, happy birthday Charlie, to you & your family!


Happy Birthday Charlie! :)


Happy Birthday Charlie! You make the world an infinitely better place!


Can't see the video(poor internet here in S. Africa) BUT a very happy birthday to Charlie! My little Amy turned one in Feb, and there is NOTHING like the love and feel of them...If we could bottle cuteness and give it a name!


I have 3 boys of my own (and 1 more on the way) and this video still made me cry. Congratulations on your first year of motherhood and thank you for sharing Charlie with us on your blog :)


Happy Birthday Charlie!! Beautiful video...perfect song...great version!

Kasey Laughlin

Crying over here! What a great 1st year he's had (and you guys too!) Happy 1st Birthday Charlie!


Happy Birthday Charlie!
Love, Evie & her mama
ps. i love a boy in plaid :)


Thank you for sharing this beautiful little boy with us. He is just delightful!


Total joy for all of us.

I have loved every moment that I spent with Charlie this year.


my oh my, that video just had me boo-hooing over here. Happy Birthday sweet Charlie! :) XOXO!

Steph H

yeah, I totally cried.
Happy birthday sweet Charlie.
And congrats on surviving the first year as Mama!


how completely sappy am I that watching this video of people I really DONT know gives me the BIGGEST LUMP and the HUGEST tears........you are an amazing mama....and amazing family!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!! :)


oh laura, i'm crying, all the best to you and your family and to this big boy, Charlie! My son is 4 in august and i understand every single word you write. All the best wishes from me
ps. and all the best to charmer


gorgeous, beautiful, wonderful!
what a sweet boy!

Nora Griffin

That song recording is an all-time favorite and the video is just the sweetest thing ever.

Happiest birthday wishes to Charlie (and his mom)!


Very, very sweet! My jaw also dropped when I saw your 94 photo banner...too cool! I didn't know a 1 year old could have so many friends! Can't wait to see what you do on his 16th party! Are you for hire?


perfect. glad you put all those giggles in there. i love your men coming down on Christmas morning. xoxo


" Happy First Birthday Charlie" its seems that your first year flew by..well for me it did..your mom may not think so,sleepless nights still in memory..:)Looking forward to your 2nd year..


What a beautiful video! Thanks for sharing with us. Happy Birthday to Charlie and warm wishes for a fabulous 2nd year!

Moriah Bettencourt

*sniff* that was fab!

Heather M.

that was so incredibly sweet. tears in my eyes.

happy, happy birthday, charlie! and congrats on making it through that first year! :)

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