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I love that boy too, I can't wait to squeeze him myself.

I will be praying for your family tomorrow, I hope everything is OK.


I will be praying for your family...I hope everything is okay.
I have been thinking of you lately, need to get you an email soon, I miss chatting with you.


love the etsy and the stamp and the hair.. oh goodness.
prayers on the way.

Carrie Finn

Thanks for the note about the Canvas sale! My husband, however, isn't nearly as thankful as I am. While I didn't buy one of everything, I did buy one of most things.

Sending prayers your way.



love the sandy hair, so sweet! sending prayers to you, although I think I am a little behind in reading and therefore in sending them...sending them your way!


I saw that stamp set at the SF MOMA! I almost bought it, but then I was like...why?

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