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ooooh - thanks for sharing! this mama needs some clothes. now can you direct me to a site that gives you money to purchase said clothes? ;)


charming charlie's...
have you seen it?
I'm sharing my secret, since you shared yours.


I know, I love Canvas. Free shipping promo through July 3 (code: JULY3, PIN 2093); don't you just love free shipping? Have you checked out LL Bean Signature? Good stuff, too. Boden's running a big sale too; I'm a sucker for Boden.


Don't knock Lands End!..lol. I have fallen in love with them in Ohio...there are stores all over :) They are building my new wardrobe.


Well I didn't know about it, so I will always be able to say Laura told me about Canvas. :) And now I'm in the know.
I hate it when I realize my discovery is popular. That happens to me all the time. Which means I'm not discovering anything, but I can pretend right?

breanne and madelyn

oh my gosh! they have really cute stuff!! when i get this weight off, im gonna shop there! i LOVE the modal convertible dress they have! so my thing!

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