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Congratulations, Laura! I'm so happy for you and your family... and yes, eventually, you'll sleep longer than 30 minutes and Charlie will, indeed, fall in love w/his little sister. World peace... keep workin' on that! ;) Congrats again!

Jenn A.

Yay, congratulations!!!


Congratulations!! She's beautiful. And, for the record, you will sleep again. I promise:)

Kimberly Neddo

Awww...she is PRECIOUS! Congratulations! She is BEAUTIFUL indeed! xx


I haven't slept in over 17 years but I wouldn't change a thing, exhaustion and all. Enjoy the next few weeks adjusting to life as a foursome.... it's just about the greatest thing in the world, this family thing. SO happy for all of you! Congrats!!!

ps... I may be in love with baby girl's name.

Amy Coose

Oh, she is scrumptious! Congrats Laura and family!


Congrats Laura! Take as long as you need and enjoy that little one! :)

Sarah A.

Congrats! I just had my second baby two weeks ago and he came just as quickly as yours did! Enjoy your new family of four!

kelly purkey

love her already.


Congratulations! Welcome to the World Baby Clara! Enjoy this special time!


Huge Congratulations Kurz family! She's beautiful and has a beautiful name! Welcome Clara!


congratulaions. she is gorgeous!


She's adorable! Congratulations!


She is stunningly beautiful and I love her name Clara was my grandmother's name.

Amy B

Congratulations! Enjoy this special time!


so absolutely thrilled for you guys - she's gorgeous. and i love that hair. and her name. :)

sending you much love, mama.

Lisa Truesdell

She is so sweet. And we are so labor twins. Ha!! Love her. Enjoy your new fam of 4, mama!


How precious!
Congrats to all of you!
And good luck with the sleep, I'm thinking once you conquor that the rest will be a cake walk!


Hooray and congratulations! I love the name and she is a precious bundle of sweetness. I'd totally lose sleep (again) to hold a tiny new one.
sidenote: i saw your mama made you lots of food, but i'd like to bring you some too when you run out :)

sasha farina

omg.. what perfect cuteness. Welcome to the world, Clara. Congrats Kurzs~

Diane Payne

She is precious! Congratulations!

Karen Imes

Beautiful addition to your family!!!


Adorable! Love the name - congratulations to you all!




Congratulations Kurz family of 4! And welcome little Clara. She is just gorgeous. Thank goodness you made it to the hospital!!

Simon (my 11 week old) was very similar - quick birth (apparently I'm good at those) and he was 5lbs, 14oz and 18.1 inches (had to Google the conversions!).


She is beautiful and you are gonna have a lovely family and your 30 minutes of sleep. Enjoy your new life, LOL.




Congratulations and welcome, Clara! What a beautiful little girl.


Congratulations!!!! Beautiful name...she's a cutie! :)


Oh my goodness she is so sweet! Congratulations Kurz family!


Huge congratulations! Love her name and can't wait to hear the story behind it when you're back to sanity (and world peace has been resolved, of course. That should about a week or so? Ha!)

kim smart

congratulations, she is just beautiful!! i'm sure charlie will love her! enjoy this time with your new little one!


Congratulations!!!! Welcome home Clara!!!!

Marti Richards

Oh, Laura! She is absolutely beautiful!! Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Clara! (Love her name!)

emily (justem)

Congratulations! :) She's so sweet! And as for the two year old thing...it took a couple months here, but the 2 year old is finally pretty great with the baby. She does occasionally try to pick him up or things like that, but she seems to know he's with us for good. ;)


Beautiful baby girl!
Love her name :)


oooooh, squeeling here! What a beauty! Congratulations Laura, so glad for you and your family!


Clara is beautiful! Congratulations!



Beth Ann

Congratulations!! A beautiful girl and a beautiful family!

emily pitts

love you laura! congrats and good luck!


yay!! she's beautiful!!
and I love her name... my grandma's name was Clara Amanda :)


She's GORGEOUS!!!! Congratulations...what a beautiful name.


Just saw the news on your mom's blog! Many congratulations! Clara is absolutely beautiful. (And judging from that photo of Charlie blowing her a kiss on your mom's blog, I'd say he will be in love with his baby sister soon enough, if he isn't already there. :) May you and your family have many, many years of happy memory-making with baby Clara!

Erin M

Congrats! She's precious!


Congrats to you & your family...She's PERFECT!!!

Linda J

Congratulations - enjoy your precious family.:)


Congratulations! She beautiful!!! Enjoy your family of four!
Oh and if you found out all you had on your list: PLESE SHARE!!! :o)

Wendy Z.


Stephanie Eaken

COngratulations Kurz family!! She is precious!! How did you came up w/ her name? I am very curious as my daughter's bff is named CLARA LOUISE & her younger brother's name is CHARLIE!! Weird coincidence!! Love to you all!


I have a sister named Clara and it was both of my grandmother's name. LOVE IT! Congratulations to all of you!

fran heupel

congrats to you and your family. She is beautiful. Enjoy and sleep will come.

Marie Taylor

Oh she is absolutely adorable. That HAIR! Happy happy thoughts of sleep and cuddles to you all :)


I am so happy for you all..Charlie will fall in love with her..ask him to help with little things..Clara is as beautiful as Charlie was handsome..Grandma's and Grandpa's must be thrilled too..the Joy of it all..xox,j


she is just beautiful : )


huge congratulations!


Congratulations! She's beautiful! I'm sure Charlie will become the best big brother. My girls just tolerated their baby brother for the first two weeks. Once they realized he wasn't going anywhere, they became great big sisters/mini mamas. He's now 19 and has been known to complain that he has three moms and can't get away with anything.

Leslie @ {Tiny Wings}

She's absolutely beautiful, Laura!! Congratulations!!


How cool to have a Charlie and Clara for this generation. Did I tell you I dreamt of her name before she was born? True story.

Christine Dodaj

What a beautiful little girl!
Congratulations, her name is beautiful too!

Kimberly L.C.

OMG...she is ridiculously beautiful! I guess my guess of Camilla wasn't too far from Clara. Go me! (j/k) In all seriousness, congratulations Kurz family!

Becky Trump

She is absolutely adorable!!! I love the similarities of her to Charlie :)
Congrats to the new Kurz family, party of 4!!!

Amanda S.

Congratulations!! :)


Congratulations! She is gorgeous!

Kelly Massman

Congrats on the beautiful baby!!!!

Kathy C.

Congratulations! Beautiful baby girl, beautiful name and beautiful family.

Anilu Magloire

Absolutely gorgeous! You have such a beautiful family, Laura. Big, huge congrats to the Kurz four :-)


Huge congratulations!!!


Congratulations! What a blessing to have a perfect new bundle of love!!

Kim Kesti

Congratulations to the whole Kurz family! I LOVE her name (well, I have a daughter Clara, too). Great choice! Take care and get some rest (if possible).

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Paige Evans

She is absolutely adorable and perfect! Congratulations!

jenn shurkus

i'm behind in blog reading.... wanted to still send my congratulations!!! she is adorable ;) loved reading about her name too!!

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