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So glad you pointed that out about the lovely rental!

One other thing....she looks nothing like Charlie!

Love, MOM


she is absolutely adorable, laura! and how the heck has it been four months already!??!


i just love her. xoxo.


My baby girl, born Aug 28, was christened in early November and we couldn't get that smell out of her hair either. Like your baby, she has lots of hair it it held on to the stink for about 10 days! She smelled like an old man's aftershave forever!

Biddy Kehoe

Just too cute for words! & Boy! is she ever holding herself up well - while on her belly I mean!

Biddy Kehoe

I could swear she responded to "Hi" with her own "Hi"...


She's perfect!

Steph H

oh man I can't get over that smile and her little squeak. SO cute

kirsten krason

oh so cute! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts about Pintrest with me and thank you for reading my blog!



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