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I will never get tired of seeing Charlie's happiness with this "band".

Love, MOM


Awesome! Great investment, too, apparently.


Haha! Alexy would love to hang with Charlie and his band!! We finally put away Snoopy and his piano :)

Brigid Kehoe

To Heck with the Frog thingie! Best way to learn(in my book) is through discovery - not force feeding stuff(in a fun way mind you) through a quasi computer. Did I ever tell you how Liam spent 20 minutes in the bath filling & emptying a squeeze bottle? When I finally winkled him out of the stone cold water I asked him why the bottle filled with water underwater - his response "because there is no air in it YA YA & the water rushes in!Mind you he was almost 6. Children's minds NEVER fail to amaze me!


I KNEW I should have gone to Hallmark - we are a bit Peanuts crazy around here - especially the singing figure version. Evie is still in love with the Hallmark Easter chicks girl band singing We Got the Tweet (think Go-Gos).
And the 2 leapfrogs we've had broke within weeks. Returned not replaced, good riddance.

Steph H

Leappads are totally overrated :)


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